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Our Current Mission:  To stop pipeline and other fracked gas infrastructure projects in Massachusetts, and challenge existing emissions sources by providing an informational hub and networking information to help citizens stay informed and engaged in the regulatory and legislative process, and actively engaged in efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.

Our Broader Mission:   Originally created to stop the now-defeated Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct pipeline, our mission continues to be to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the Northeast states and to promote energy efficiency and sustainable, renewable sources of energy and local, permanent jobs in a clean energy economy.  We also monitor and inform on other pipeline and energy related news and help other communities across the US who are facing the similar threats from similar projects.


— Making informational presentations across the state, showing what the pipeline components would be, where the areas of concern are, what the possible impacts would be and why it’s not necessary and an unfair economic and ecological burden.

— Organizing the impacted landowners, towns,  concerned citizens, and others to resist pipeline projects

— Creating space for groups and individuals to find and share information, organize,  collaborate, and plan

— Networking with elected officials, regulators and clean energy experts to help form strategy for transitioning to a clean energy economy, creating local, permanent, climate-friendly jobs