Pipeline protesters arrested at Otis State Forest after blocking access roads

By Mary C. Serreze, Springfield Republican / MassLive
May 02, 2017

SANDISFIELD — Eighteen protesters were arrested this morning at the Otis State Forest after blocking an access road to a pipeline construction site, according to Massachusetts State Police.

Kinder Morgan subsidiary Tennessee Gas Pipeline has started cutting trees within the forest, owned by the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation, for a natural gas pipeline project.

While the names of those arrested for trespassing have not been officially released, one of those detained is Ron Coler, a member of the Ashfield Board of Selectmen, according to reports from the field.

Members of the “Sugar Shack Alliance” posted a manifesto to Facebook this morning before forming a human shield and blocking two access roads to the Berkshire County construction site:

“We are here. We are not leaving. We will stop the CT Expansion fracked gas pipeline — for Otis State Forest and everywhere around the world. We are more powerful than #KinderMorgan.#KeepItInTheGround.#Resist.”

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