Citizens confront MA DEP over alleged collusion with Spectra/Enbridge on Atlantic Bridge

No Fracked Gas in Mass May 25 Newsletter

Many affected by the Spectra / Enbridge expansion of their Algonquin pipeline system (Atlantic Bridge, Access Northeast and the AIM West Roxbury Lateral), have been following the reporting of Itai Vardi of DeSmogBlog. Revelations from his May 18th article, “Massachusetts Let Spectra Energy Secretly Edit its Pollution Permit in Atlantic Bridge Gas Project”, has stirred the already active opposition to Atlantic Bridge to take their complaints directly to the MA DEP.


On Monday, a group stormed the MA DEP offices, arriving unannounced to make  statements of grievances over the process and demanding a meeting with officials.

On Tuesday, they met with department officials to get their objections on record, along with a request for the air quality permit for the Weymouth Compressor Station to be revoked, and an independent review conducted.

And on Wednesday evening, they protested along Bridge Street, near the compressor site. With the fast pace of public push-back, information on upcoming protests and actions against Atlantic Bridge and it’s Weymouth compressor station is most reliably found on the Families Against Spectra/Enbridge (FAS/E) Facebook page or South Coast Neighbors United.
Next, a Community Meeting on Air Pollution is planned for Tuesday, May 30, 2017, in which Dr. Curt Nordgaard and others will be presenting information gained from independent testing of the future compressor station site, and citing conflicts with the data reported by both DEP and Spectra.

Due to the lack of local testing by Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), we took it upon ourselves to measure the current levels of pollution, such as benzene and formaldehyde, in the Fore River Basin. We worked with a local testing laboratory to gather data in and around the the proposed compressor site. FRRACS and the North Weymouth Civic Association also purchased formaldehyde testing badges that were analyzed by a certified testing laboratory.The data that we have collected conflicts with both MassDEP’s and Spectra’s data. Dr. Curt Nordgaard, who has been leading the
testing for the past year, will be presenting the data.

At the meeting, we will explain the testing, how it relates to the station, and what the results mean. We have invited local elected officials, as well as representatives from MassDEP, in the hopes that they will engage in an open dialogue about our concerns related to public health in our communities.
6:30 PM
Fore River Clubhouse
16 Nevada Road
Quincy, MA

» RSVP for the Facebook event here

• Massachusetts Let Spectra Energy Secretly Edit its Pollution Permit in Atlantic Bridge Gas Project
By Itai Vardi, DeSmogBlog
May 18, 2017
Massachusetts environmental officials allowed Spectra Energy to quietly review and edit a draft approval of an air pollution permit the state plans to grant the company for its Atlantic Bridge gas project.
• State OKs waterways permit for gas compressor station in Weymouth
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
May 18, 2017
• South Shore Residents Protest Compressor Station In Weymouth
by Bill Sheilds, WBZ-TV
May 22, 2017

The proposal would put the new compressor station next to the Fore River Bridge in Weymouth. WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.
• Massachusetts Admits to ‘Regularly’ Allowing Companies to Edit Draft Pollution Permits
By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
May 23, 2017
This admission follows DeSmog’s reporting on emails showing the state had quietly provided Spectra Energy (now Enbridge) several opportunities to edit a draft pollution approval permit for a compressor station in the town of Weymouth as part of its Atlantic Bridge gas project.
Following these revelations, concerned citizens and activists from around the state converged earlier this week on the DEP’s offices for two separate protests. Among their demands, protesters want the DEP to revoke the draft pollution permit and redo the application process using an independent body.

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