‘Hit First And Worst’: Region’s Communities Of Color Brace For Climate Change Impacts

by Shannon Dooling, WBUR Radio
July 26, 2017

The consequences of climate change, experts say, will disproportionately affect low-income communities and communities of color.
And those same communities often already are located among environmental hazards like trash incinerators, fuel storage tanks and the toxic remains that come with them.
Twenty-one percent of Chelsea’s residents live below the poverty line, and 60 percent identify as Hispanic or Latino. The creek is also one of 10 designated port areas in the state — places set aside to ensure industries that are dependent on waterways have a place to do business.

Those industries may bring jobs, but they also bring pollutants. And, because they’re located at the water’s edge, the sites up the stakes when it comes to sea level rise. A city of Chelsea flood map shows that many of these facilities will be threatened by flooding by the year 2030.

» Listen to the whole report


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