Gas pipeline opponents urge Baker to ‘break up’ with industry

Advocates for clean energy delivered a Valentine’s Day-themed message to Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday

By Statehouse News Service, via Metro USA
February 14, 2018

Clean energy advocates on Wednesday delivered a Valentine’s Day message to Gov. Charlie Baker, handing one of his aides a bouquet of roses and a stack of red construction-paper hearts with the handwritten message, “Break up with gas pipelines.”

Addressing the group gathered outside Baker’s office, Cathy Kristofferson of Ashby said the governor has not ruled out natural gas as part of the state’s energy mix, and called on him to do so.

“We need the state agencies to hold these gas companies for what we need for emissions reductions and all that, so we would like to have them actually now take gas off the table, break up with gas pipelines and bring on the solar, and the wind and the storage,” she said.

The demonstration came two days after a Senate committee endorsed an omnibus clean energy bill that would ban new natural gas infrastructure, set new targets for emission reductions and use the market to curb fossil fuel use.

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