Atlantic Bridge FERC Application Documents


FERC Docket #CP16-9-000

» Atlantic Bridge Environmental Assessment

Atlantic Bridge Application Documents
» Notice of Application
» Errata for Notice of Application
» Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board Motion to Intervene
» Miyares and Harrington – Petition to Intervene
» Request for Extension of Time to File Comments
» Supplemental Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Assessment
» City of New York’s Motion to Intervene
» City of Quincy Motion to Intervene
» Motion to Intervene of the Pine Law Awareness Network for the Northeast, Inc.
» New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Comments
» New York State Office of the Attorney General Motion to Intervene

» Abbreviated Application

» Resource Report 1, General Project Description
» RR1, Appendix 1E, Agency Correspondence
» RR1, Appendix B1, Stony Point to Southeast Alignment Sheets
» RR1, Appendix B2, Southeast to Oxford Alignment Sheets
» RR1, Appendix B3, Compressor Stations
» RR1, Appendix B4, Proposed Metering and Regulation Stations (M&R)
» RR1, Appendix B5, USGS Quadrangle Maps

» Resource Report 2, Appendix 2G, Water Use and Quality
» Resource Report 2, Appendix B & C, Wetland and Waterbody Survey Report, NY
» Resource Report 2, Appendix B & C, Wetland and Waterbody Survey Report, CT

» Resource Report 3; Fish, Wildlife, and Vegetation

» Resource Report 4, Cultural Resources
» Resource Report 4, Appendix E, Stone Wall Management Plans

» Resource Report 5, Socioeconomics

» Resource Report, Geologic Resources

» Resource Report 7, Soils

» Resource Report 8, Land Use, Recreation, and Aesthetics

» Resource Report 9, Air and Noise Quality

» Resource Report 10, Alternatives

» Resource Report 11, Reliability and Safety

» Resource Report 12, PCB Contamination