Atlantic Bridge News


» Congressman Stephen Lynch seeks federal review of Weymouth compressor air permit
By Ed Baker, Wicked Local Weymouth
January 15, 2019

» Baker: My hands were tied on compressor station
Lawmakers, mayors pound governor over approval of Weymouth gas project
By Katie Lannan and Michael P. Norton, Commonwealth Magazine
January 14, 2019

» Rally against the compressor station

Patriot Ledger
January 12, 2019

» Gov. Baker approves compressor air permit, against all reason, and, you know, laws.
By Andrea Honore, Sit With Andrea
January 12, 2019

» Fore River residents rally against proposed compression station
Patriot Ledger
January 12, 2019

» Weymouth Mayor Disappointed In ‘Precedent Setting’ Permit For Natural Gas Pipeline
WBUR Newsroom
January 11, 2019

» Baker admin approves air permits for natural gas projects
By Michael P. Norton, State House News (via WWLP)
January 11, 2019

» Regulators issue air permit for Weymouth compressor station
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
January 11, 2019

» The Weymouth Compressor Station: Massachusetts’ Moment of Climate Truth
By Stephen Metts,
January 11, 2019

» Mayor Hedlund, legislators urges Gov. Baker to reject compressor station permit
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
January 10, 2019

» Weymouth mayor asks governor to reject air quality permit for Spectra
By Ed Baker, Wicked Local Braintree
January 10, 2019

» South Shore lawmakers urge Baker to reject natural gas station air permits
By Michael P. Norton, Boston Globe
January 10, 2019

» Weymouth gas project advances, but fight’s not over yet
By Jon Chesto, Boston Globe
January 10, 2019

» Decision day for Fore River fight
By Jon Chesto, Boston Globe Talking Points PM
January 9, 2019

» After setbacks, Weymouth compressor foes turn focus to Baker
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
January 8, 2019

» Weymouth compressor impact disputed
By Ed Baker, Wicked Local Weymouth
January 7, 2019

» Compressor station foes vow to fight on in Weymouth
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
January 3, 2019

» 2018 in Review: Hingham’s opposition group awaits the decision on the proposed compressor station in Weymouth
By Carol Britton Meyer, Wicked Local Hingham
December 28, 2018

» Hingham seeks intervenor status for compressor station
By Carol Britton Meyer, Wicked Local Hingham
November 29, 2018

» In Massachusetts, ‘Independent’ Studies of Gas Infrastructure Use Industry Data and Consultants
By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
November 20, 2018

» Compressor opponent questions lack of outreach
By Ed Baker, Wicked Local Weymouth
November 17, 2018

» Formaldehyde Levels Raise Concerns For Fore River Residents
Department of Environmental Protection officials were not able to ease the minds of many Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham and Quincy residents.
By Jimmy Bentley,
November 16, 2018

» Leadership ties issue in Quincy House race
By Fred Hanson, The Patriot Ledger
October 31, 2018

» After Merrimack Valley Explosions, More Opposition To Proposed Compressor Station In Weymouth
By Barbara Moran, WBUR News
September 27, 2018

» After Merrimack Valley explosions, lawmakers want Weymouth compressor proposal halted
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
September 19, 2018

» Weymouth compressor station foes keep up the fight
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
August 31, 2018

» Weymouth compressor opponents to unveil billboards
By Ed Baker,
August 28, 2018

» New deed finalizes sale of land on which gas company wants to build compressor
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
Aug 6, 2018

» Compressor station health assessment gets underway Thursday
By Bradford Randall, – Weymouth
June 21, 2018

» O’Connor amendments would prohibit Weymouth compressor station
By Ed Baker, – Weymouth
June 20, 2018

» Weymouth seeks dismissal of Algonquin waterways permit
By Ed Baker, Wicked Local Weymouth
June 4, 2018

» FERC Defends NE Pipeline, Compressor Approval At DC Circ.
by Chris Villani, Law360
May 29, 2018
» Read the legal brief to which FERC is objecting

» Energy giant sues Weymouth over pipeline station, saying federal law overrides zoning
By Jon Chesto, Boston Globe
May 6, 2018

» Town Draws Suit for Blocking Energy Firm’s Expansion
By ZACK HUFFMAN, Courthouse News
May 6, 2017

» Group fighting Weymouth compressor station seeks input on illnesses
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
May 6, 2018

» Fore River compressor foes to gather health data from area
By Ed Baker,
April 27, 2018

» COMMENTARY: Compressor station comes with many risks
By Constance Gorfinkle, Hingham Journal via Wicked Local / Hingham
April 20, 2018

» Our Legislators Must Not Turn Their Backs on the People in the No Compressor Movement.
Letter to the Editor, Reporter Today /  Rehoboth
April 17, 2018

» Contamination prevention plan at Weymouth compressor site gets cool greeting
By Ed Baker,
April 4, 2018

» Howitt criticized for sharing constituent email with lobbyist
By Jim Hand, the Sun Chronicle
March 30, 2018

» Firm to give update on Weymouth compressor contamination plan
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
March 28, 2018

» Natural Gas Act preempts local efforts to preclude construction of compressor station
By Dickinson Wright – Mark D. Lansing,
March 19, 2018

» Timeline Issued For Proposed Compressor Station
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection will have until January 2019 to issue an air quality permit.
By Daniel Libon, Patch Staff
February 20, 2018

» Compressor station foes to keep close eye on state permitting
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger / Wicked Local Weymouth
February 18, 2018

» Government Contractor Monitoring Enbridge’s Atlantic Bridge Gas Project Works Extensively for the Company
By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
January 14, 2018

» Compressor station foes encouraged by feds’ response to New York project
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
January 14, 2018

» Mass. Town Must Let Enbridge Unit Build Station, Judge Says
By Christine Powell, Law360
January 2, 2018

» FERC reaffirms its approval of Atlantic Bridge pipeline, with compressor station planned in Weymouth
By Mary C. Serreze, Springfield Republican / MassLive
December 18, 2017

» FERC Won’t Reconsider Atlantic Bridge Pipeline Project OK
by Keith Goldberg, Law 360
December 14, 2017

» Doctor challenges safety of compressor plan
by Jessica Trufant, the Quincy Patriot Ledger
October 24, 2017

» Citizens against the Rehoboth compressor station host Newton Mayor Setti Warren in Attleboro
By Audrey Martin, Sun Chronicle
October 21, 2017

» Enbridge Unit Says Mass. Town Preempted In Pipeline Battle
by Melissa Lipman, Law360
October 10, 2017

» FERC Rejects Requests for Stay of Atlantic Bridge
By Michael Kuser, RT Insider
August 23, 2017

» All state reviews of Weymouth compressor plan now on hold
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
August 22, 2017

» FERC Denies Bid For Stay On Northeast Pipeline Facilities
by Adam Lidgett, Law360
August 22, 2017

» Pipeline Foes’ Suit Must Wait For FERC, DC Circ. Told
by Adam Lidgett, Law360
July 18, 2017

» Baker’s review of Weymouth compressor station applauded
By Lane Lambert & Neal Simpson, The Patriot Ledger
July 17, 2017

» Baker steps up role in vetting Weymouth gas project
By Jim O’Sullivan, Boston Globe
July 17, 2017

» Baker orders state to investigate compressor station issues
By Michael P. Norton, State House News Service
July 17, 2017

» Rehoboth officials hail end to compressor station saga
By Joseph Seigel, Sun Chronicle
July 1, 2017

» Rehoboth compressor station put on hold
By Ted Nesi, WPRI
June 29, 2017

» Risk assessment requested for Weymouth compressor station site
By Ed Baker, Wicked Local, Braintree
June 26, 2017

» Why Local Businesses Should Oppose the Weymouth Compressor Station
by Tim Cronin, Climate Action Business Association

» Toxins detected in air near Fore River Basin, doctor says
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
May 31, 2017

» Massachusetts Admits to ‘Regularly’ Allowing Companies to Edit Draft Pollution Permits
By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
May 23, 2017

» SEE CITIZEN PROTESTS OF MAY 22-24 regarding this alleged collusion between DEP and Spectra

» Atlantic Bridge Compressor Station Construction Approved
by Pipeline News
May 19, 2017

» Massachusetts Let Spectra Energy Secretly Edit its Pollution Permit in Atlantic Bridge Gas Project
By Itai Vardi, DeSmogBlog
May 18, 2017

» State OKs waterways permit for gas compressor station in Weymouth
By Jessica Trufant , The Patriot Ledger
May 18, 2017

» Emails Show Spectra Lobbyists Cozy With Top Massachusetts Environmental Officials
By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
May 9, 2017

» Atlantic Bridge Gets NY Water Permits After State’s Recent History of Denials
by Jeremiah Shelor, Natural Gas Intelligence
May 8, 2017

» Pipeline Company Asks Federal Judge to Override Local Ordinance to Construct Station
by ZACK HUFFMAN, Courthouse News Service
May 6, 2017

» Letter to the Editor: Outraged by NY DEC OK for Pipeline Project
By Courtney Williams, Peeksill Patch
May 5, 2017

» To the editor: Pipelines under pressure in Massachusetts
By Charlotte Eckler, Worcester Sun
May 3, 2017

» Stop the Atlantic Bridge Pipeline
by Kimberly Ong, Natural Resources Defense Council
May 2, 2017

» Time running out to comment on air-quality plan for Weymouth compressor
By Bradford Randall, Wicked Local Weymouth
Apr 28, 2017

» Lawmakers blast air quality plan for Weymouth compressor station
By Jessica Trufant , The Patriot Ledger
Apr 26, 2017

» Documents Suggest FERC Approved Spectra’s Atlantic Bridge Project Despite Knowing of Contractor’s Flawed Conflict Disclosure
By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
April 7, 2017

» Providence pipeline rupture raises concerns over Spectra project in Weymouth
By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
Mar 31, 2017

» Rehoboth natural gas compressor station proposal on hold
By Charles Winokoor, Taunton Gazette
March 29, 2017

» Anti-Pipeline Jihadists Pressure FERC re Atlantic Bridge Project
by Marcellus Drilling News
March 24, 2017

» Rehoboth Selectmen Remain Silent After Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Gas Compressor Station
By Tim Faulkner, ecoRI News
April 05, 2017

» Revealed: Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s Close Ties to Lobbyists For Spectra Energy, Whose Pipeline Projects He Backs
by Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
February 28, 2017

» Sens. Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren call on FERC to rescind Atlantic Bridge natural gas pipeline authorization
By Mary Serreze, Springfield Republican / MassLive
February 1, 2017

» Senators Keep Heat of FERC, Raise New Concerns Over Conflicts of Interest in Spectra Gas Pipeline Project
by: Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
January 9, 2017

» FERC greenlights Spectra Energy’s Atlantic Bridge pipeline project
by Robert Walton, Utility Dive
Jan. 31, 2017

» Despite Senate Inquiry Into Potential Conflicts of Interest, FERC Approves Spectra Energy’s Pipeline
By Itai Vardi, DeSmogBlog
January 27, 2017

» Feds approve Atlantic Bridge natural gas project with compressor station in Massachusetts
by Mary Serreze, MassLive / Springfield Republican
January 27, 2017

» Supreme Court Upholds Connecticut’s Energy Strategy
by: Mark Pazniokas, CT Mirror
December 29, 2016

» Weymouth Sues Power Plant Owner Over Land Deal
by: Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
December 29, 2016

» FERC Suggests Spectra Energy Gas Facility Would Not Pose Cancer Risk, Based on Study by Spectra Consultant
by Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
December 20, 2016

» A town unites in a battle against a gas compressor station
By Michael Levenson, Boston Globe
December 13, 2016

» Exposed: Husband of FERC Official Responsible for Reviewing New Spectra Energy Pipelines Consults On Related Spectra Project
by Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog
November 1, 2016

» MassDEP Files Motion for a Stay
October 28, 2016
“MassDEP announced today that they are moving for a stay on the project [Spectra Atlantic Bridge], in response to the recent appeal of their Superseding Order of Conditions [overriding the Weymouth Conservation Commission’s denial].”

» FERC Chairman Used Not-Yet-Published Guidelines to Deny Wrongdoing in Hiring of Contractor for Spectra Pipeline
By Itai Vardi, DeSmogBlog
October 19, 2016

» Coalition Seeks To Overturn FERC’s Approval Of AIM Pipeline
By Allison Dunne, WAMC Radio
Aug 15, 2016

» State Senate passes compressor station restrictions, bill awaits House vote
By Christian Schiavone , The Patriot Ledger, June 14, 2016

» Senators Demand New FERC Environmental Review for Spectra Energy Project After DeSmog Revelations
By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog,  June 14, 2016

» Warren, Markey allege conflict of interest in federal pipeline review
By Christian Schiavone , The Patriot Ledger, June 13, 2016

» Atlantic Bridge Environmental Assessment Released
By William Opalka, RTO Insider, May 9, 2016