Back Bay Pipeline News


Petition to Stop the Downtown Pipeline from Boston Clean Energy Coalition

» DPU gives National Grid 30 days to respond to possible safety violations
By Colin A. Young / State House News Service, Reposted in Patriot Ledger
October 2, 2018

» Luxury Real Estate Boom Adds to Risk of Climate Disruption
Should cities build new fossil fuel pipelines to power skyscrapers for the super-rich?
By Chuck Collins,
September 14, 2018

» Massachusetts Sierra Club Responds to Attorney General’s Request that Department of Public Utilities DENY Special Contract for Back Bay Pipeline
by Massachusetts Sierra Club
January 25, 2018

MA Attorney General speaks out against the Back Bay Pipeline serving “One Dalton” hotel and luxury housing in Boston
» Attorney General’s filing
January 23, 2018

» Questions Continue to Stir about NatGrid Back Bay Pipeline
by Beth Treffeisen, Independent Journalist / Photographer
December 22, 2017

» PIC Grants Permit to Back Bay Pipeline Extension
by Beth Treffeisen, The Boston Sun Staff
December 14, 2017

» The Back Bay/South End pipeline extension: Boston’s moral challenge
by Jewish Climate Action Network
August 2, 2017