BG Moratorium: Further talking points

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Extended talking points for communication with your legislators
“Why End the Moratorium at All?”: Clarifying Approach

— Choose the solutions to the moratorium that you most favor from the Action Plan or the Executive Summary of the Testimony, and explain why these solutions are your priorities.

— Remind your legislators that the moratorium has always been only about hours or days of peak demand, which are rare even in a very cold winter. Careful cut-backs on demand, with incremental increases in supply, will easily, safely, and reliably take care of this problem.

— Discuss the negative impacts of Berkshire’s two proposed solutions that mean the most to you: ratepayer risks (high investment costs, potential stranded assets); climate risk; the risk of influencing energy markets away from renewables and toward fossil fuel; regulatory risk (enforcement of the Global Warming Solutions Act, along with other current and pending energy and climate regulations, may soon put a lid on the amount of additional natural gas that can enter the system); and local health and safety risks of construction and operation.

Discuss the full-life-cycle impact of using “natural” (methane) gas, which is comparable to the full-life-cycle impact of burning coal.

— Discuss the 100%-renewables campaign, and how maximizing conservation and efficiency in Berkshire’s territory can eliminate any need for additional gas supply.

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