BG Moratorium: “Why End the Moratorium at All?”

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“Why End the Moratorium at All?”: Clarifying Approach

Clarifying Montague and Deerfield’s Approach

Why would we advocate ANY lifting of the moratorium at all — given that the full life-cycle of methane fuel has a climate footprint about the same as the full life cycle of coal?

1. Some of our area residents and businesses genuinely cannot afford to make the higher upfront investments that are still needed for net-zero building and 100%-renewable operation;

2. If Montague and Deerfield were not in this DPU proceeding presenting a well-documented case for Berkshire Gas to implement much greater energy efficiency and demand management–while opening the gas tap only as much as local residents and businesses need to bridge that gap–one of Berkshire’s over-build/over-supply proposals to the DPU could be approved and imposed on all of us.

Please write to your representative(s) who are participating in DPU 16-103. All members of the delegation, including Sen. Rosenberg, need to hear that THEIR VOTERS know they are participating in the Berkshire Gas DPU case, and very much APPRECIATE this, and that you urge them to firmly support Montague and Deerfield’s position on the moratorium through DPU 16-103 and beyond.

Ariel Elan, Montague Energy Policy Liaison

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