Buckland Community Rights Resolution

Whereas representatives from large-scale energy infrastructure projects have approached landowners in neighboring Franklin County towns regarding, but not limited to, the proposed routing of a high-pressure natural gas pipeline to carry shale gas through 9 Franklin county towns – potentially through 76 properties in Ashfield alone; and

Whereas landowners in Franklin County towns have been approached without advance notice from town officials or police due to there currently being no regulation requiring a corporation, county or state to contact local authorities prior to contacting property owners; and

Whereas landowners in Franklin County towns are being asked to permit surveying or to sign agreements to lease land; and

Whereas it is possible that the proposed routing of a high-pressure natural gas pipeline could shift to run through Buckland properties; and

Whereas there exists the inherent right of the residents of Buckland to govern their own community, including, without limitation, the Declaration of Independence’s declaration that governments are instituted to secure the rights of people, and the recognition within the State Constitution that all power is inherent in the people.


TO SUPPORT the right of the people of Buckland to hold public hearings and make motions to vote on all corporate, state or federal energy infrastructure and other large-scale projects within the town as they arise. Such projects may include, but are not limited to: pipeline construction, pipeline compression station construction, resource extraction, the removal of ground water for bottling and export, transmission line expansion, and the dumping of toxic fracking wastewater from neighboring states or toxic wastewater produced or collected at natural gas compression stations.

TO DEFEND majority rule, as determined by that vote, as the ultimate authority in approving such projects, affirming the rights of the people who live here over the rights of an absentee entity.

TO PROHIBIT any activity by the developers of such projects in Buckland before the people of Buckland have had the opportunity to put motions to vote, and only then if the majority has ruled in favor of allowing the project. Activities include, but are not limited to, surveying or photographing private property, negotiating leases, blasting, removing trees and road construction.

TO ENSURE that our Select Board is informed of any proposed project prior to any contact with landowners and that the residents of Buckland learn of each proposal first through their elected officials.

TO PROTECT the right of Buckland farms, businesses and companies to engage in resource harvesting and/or industrial activity as currently permitted in our by-laws.]]></content:encoded>