The Chess Game / Regional Energy Issues

» Our Legislators Must Not Turn Their Backs on the People in the No Compressor Movement.
Letter to the Editor, Reporter Today /  Rehoboth
April 17, 2018

» New England faces ‘horror story’ of expensive power
By Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner
April 10, 2018

» Howitt criticized for sharing constituent email with lobbyist
By Jim Hand, the Sun Chronicle
March 30, 2018

» What’s Wrong With Gov. Baker’s Climate Bill
WGBH Commentary by Sen. Marc Pacheco
March 26, 2018

» New England’s energy future lies in the balance
By N. Jonathan Peress
March 23, 2018

» Backers of stalled pipeline keep pilot light lit
By Jon Chesto, Boston Globe
March 20, 2018

» New England Grid Operator Wants More Flexibility To Deal With Retiring Fossil Fuel Plants
By Annie Ropeik, NHPR
February 28, 2018

» A New Massachusetts ‘Sustainable Energy’ Coalition Is Really A Front For Gas Interests
By Itai Vardi, Huffington Post
February 22, 2018

» ISO study warns of precarious energy future: Most scenarios envision emergency actions, including rolling blackouts
By Bruce Mohl, Commonwealth Magazine
January 17, 2018

» ISO New England Publishes Operational Fuel-Security Analysis
ISO New England, Holyoke, MA
January 17, 2018

» Guest Opinion: Broken energy market leaves Mass. consumers in the cold
By Joe Kennedy III, the Herald News
January 15, 2018

» ISO-NE CEO Says Regional NatGas Demand Increasingly Outpacing Supply
By Jamison Cocklin, Natural Gas Intel
November 22, 2017

» Lawmakers Hear Truths and Tales about Electricity
By D. Maurice Kreis Consumer Advocate, NH Office of the Consumer Advocate
In Depth NH
October 2, 2017

» ”Coal’s out” shouldn’t mean more gas is in
By Eugenia T. Gibbons,
June 15, 2017

» New England Electricity Demand: How Low Can You Go?
By Pat Knight, Synapse Energy Economics
May 3, 2017

» Eversource customers criticize proposed rate hike
By Richie Davis, Recorder Staff
Wednesday, April 26, 2017