Climate Action Plan, Resilience and Adaptation Resources

When considering these actions, it’s important to pay attention to the difference between “climate action”, i.e. steps to reduce or prevent climate impacts, and “resilience” and “adaptation”, i.e. steps to strengthen against or adapt to the effects of a changing climate. Whether at the federal, state or municipal level, governments can, and should do both simultaneously.

» Climate Action Planning Webinar

from Security and Sustainability Forum
, August 7, 2019

» Climate Action Planning
Michael R. Boswell, Adrienne I. Greve and Tammy L. Seale, Island Press

» Pathways to 100 Report: : An Energy Supply Transformation Primer for U.S. Cities

» Massachusetts State Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Plan (SHMCAP)

» Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020

» Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report (2011)

» Regional Operations & Maintenance Guide for High Performance Schools and Public Buildings in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Strategies for creating green, healthy & energy efficient existing buildings in your state or local government
from NEEP, 2018 edition

» Resilient MA: Climate Change Clearinghouse for the Commonwealth

» State of Massachusetts Resilience Program

» Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
A clearinghouse of information on energy efficiency analysis and action plans, including community guides for building performance, net zero, clean & efficient technology analysis
Resources section

» Mass Clean Energy Center Emerging Initiatives
An overview of emerging industries that MassCEC is working within.

» Climate Action Plans: Resources and Local Examples
*California only. Be aware that different states have different political structures. Though a helpful start, any samples must be tailored for the town and state to which they would apply.

Urban Sustainability Directors Network
Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA)
C40 Cities
ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
Sierra Club, Ready for 100
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

» City of Pittsfield Microgrid Feasibility Study

» MassCEC Microgrid program (2018)
Update on the program, August 2019

» Microgrid Knowledge

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