Columbia Gas News


» Eversource Energy acquiring Columbia Gas of Massachusetts   
WWLP, Channel 22 News
October 13, 2020

» Officials: Columbia Gas caused recent gas leak
By Genevieve DiNatale, Eagle Tribune
September 20, 2020

» Not everyone happy about Columbia Gas deal
By Bill Kirk, Eagle-Tribune
August 25, 2020

» Should the public buy Columbia Gas?
Right now, Eversource is proposing to buy the utility for $1.1b
By Craig Altemose, CommonWealth Magazine – Opinion
March 15, 2020

» Eversource to buy Columbia Gas following plea agreement
By Danielle Eaton, the Reminder
March 4, 2020

» Eversource purchase of Columbia Gas: Councilor Jesse Lederman calls for hearing in Springfield
By Jim Kinney, MassLive
March 03, 2020

» Baker Cites ‘Real Benefits’ In Eversource-Columbia Gas Deal
By Colin A. Young, SHNS, on WGBH News
February 27, 2020

» Eversource to acquire MA gas pipeline after $53M criminal settlement
By Alexander Soule, NewsTimes
February 27, 2020

» Columbia Gas Will Pay $53M Fine For Merrimack Valley Explosions
By WBZ, CBS Boston Channel 4
February 26, 2020

» Columbia Gas to Be Sold, Pay $53M Fine for 2018 Merrimack Valley Gas Explosions:   
NiSource, the utility’s parent company, has agreed to stop doing business in Massachusetts following the deadly Sept. 13, 2018 explosions
By Marc Fortier and Michael Rosenfield, NBC Channel 10 Boston
February 26, 2020

» Eversource reaches agreement to purchase Columbia Gas from NiSource
By Andrew Masse, Western Mass News
February 26, 2020

» NiSource Appoints Nick Stavropoulos, Veteran Gas Industry Executive, to Lead Safety Efforts for Columbia Gas of Massachusetts
NiSource, via PR Newswire
October 16, 2019

» Columbia Gas extends moratorium for Northampton, Easthampton customers
By SCOTT MERZBACH, Daily Hampshire Gazette
October 16, 2019

» Columbia Gas Modifies Greater Springfield Service Territory Reliability Project
Columbia Gas Press Release
October 11, 2019

» Lawmakers weigh ‘nuclear option’ for Columbia Gas
By Christian M. Wade Statehouse Reporter
October 4, 2019

» Lilly Lombard: Climate crisis solution needs help from Columbia Gas
By Lilly Lombard, Daily Hampshire Gazette Opinion
May 30, 2019

» Earth Day Statement from Mayor Alex Morse
By Holyoke Mayor A. Morse,
April 22, 2019

» Springfield city leaders meet with Columbia Gas to discuss current projects
By Caroline Powers, Andrew Masse, Western Mass News
April 17, 2019

» State sets Longmeadow public hearing on Tennessee Gas Pipeline expansion in Hampden County
By Mary C. Serreze, MassLive
March 20, 2019

» Moratorium on natural gas a blessing in disguise (Letters)
By Lilly Lombard, Northampton, MassLive
February 26, 2019

» Anti-pipeline group questions HG&E moratorium decision
By GRETA JOCHEM, Daily Hampshire Gazette
February 26, 2019

» SEC Investigating Columbia Gas Parent For Pre-Disaster Filings
The disclosure was made in an annual report NiSource Inc. issued this week.
By Dave Copeland, Andover Patch
February 22, 2019

» Holyoke Gas & Electric imposes moratorium on new natural gas service
By GRETA JOCHEM, Daily Hampshire Gazette
February 20, 2019

» Columbia Gas Names New President In Massachusetts
By Dave Copeland,
February 15, 2019

» Utility Fined For 2016 Incident After Merrimack Valley Disaster
The state didn’t fine Columbia Gas for a February 2016 over-pressurization incident until two months after the Sept. 13 disaster.
By Dave Copeland, Patch
February 5, 2019

» Columbia Gas Fined $75,000 For 2016 Pipeline Pressure Spike Only After Recent Explosions
By Ally Jarmanning, WBUR Radio
February 04, 2019

» Massachusetts lawmakers grill natural gas executives on public safety
By Shira Schoenberg, MassLive
December 11, 2018

» Tennessee Gas delineates wetlands for Agawam pipeline project
By Mary C. Serreze, MassLive/Springfield Republican
October 25, 2018

» Tennessee Gas seeks federal OK for Agawam pipeline, compressor
By Mary C. Serreze,
October 25, 2018

» Northampton city leaders questioning gas pipeline project proposed by Columbia Gas
By Hector Molina, (Channel 22 News)
October 5, 2018

» Lawrence school evacuated due to gas leak
This and 2 other incidents not related to Sept. 13 disaster
By Zoe Mathews, North Andover Eagle-Tribune
October 4, 2018

» Holyoke residents march in protest of Columbia Gas pipeline expansion
By Jenna Reyes, (Channel 22 News)
October 4, 2018

» Resistance campaign airs concerns over Columbia Gas pipeline project
By Scott Merzbach, Daily Hampshire Gazette
September 26, 2018

» Valley coalition to present forum on pipeline expansion
By Elizabeth Donoghue, Hampshire Daily Gazette
September 21, 2018

» Columbia Gas withdraws $33 million rate increase
By Jon Chesto, Boston Globe
September 19, 2018

» Agawam ConsCom to consider gas pipeline expansion
By Mary C. Serreze, MassLive
September 9, 2018

» State: Environmental Impact Report needed for Tennessee Gas Pipeline projects in Agawam and Longmeadow
By Mary C. Serreze, MassLive
Aug 27, 2018

» Officials: Unexpected blow-off of gas in Agawam poses no threat to residents
*This is a Tennessee Gas Compressor Station (Kinder Morgan), that is set for expansion to serve the Columbia Gas system expansion
By Nancy Asiamah, WWLP

July 16, 2018

» Columbia Gas seeks rate hike
By Jim Kinney, Springfield Republican / MassLive
April 16, 2018

» Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Files New Rates with the DPU
Markets News, Business
April 13, 2018

» Sen. Rosenberg calls for Western Mass hearing on $24 million Columbia Gas pipeline plan
By Mary C. Serreze, Special to The Republican
February 16, 2018

» The price of solar panels just went up—here’s what that means for you: A steep new tariff on imported solar panels will have a profound effect on the industry
By Eleanor Cummins, Popular Science
January 25, 2018

» Columnist Marty Nathan: Build stature as clean-energy community
by Marty Nathan, Daily Hampshire Gazette
January 3, 2018

» Editorial: Encouraging that Columbia Gas sees end to moratorium
Daily Hampshire Gazette
November 14, 2017

» Longmeadow: No public safety hazard in Columbia Gas proposal
By Jim Kinney, MassLive / Springfield Republican
November 8, 2017

» Columbia Gas of Massachusetts Plans Reliability Projects
Columbia Gas Newsroom
November 07, 2017

» Columbia Gas wants Longmeadow connection to interstate pipeline
by Jim Kinney, Springfield Republican
November 3, 2017

» Columbia Gas: Northampton, Easthampton service moratoriums could be lifted by 2020
by Mary C. Serreze, Springfield Republican
November 3, 2017

» Columbia Gas outlines solutions to natural gas logjam
By Scott Merzbach, Daily Hampshire Gazzette
November 3, 2017

» Columbia Gas begins repair program for non-threatening leaks
by G. Michael Dobbs, Reminder Publications
August 3, 2017

» Columbia natural gas moratorium in Easthampton, Northampton nears resolution
By Jim Kinney, MassLive / Springfield Republican
April 12, 2017

» Columbia Gas pledges more aggressive program to go after pipe leaks, gaining praise from community activists
By Peter Goonan, Springfield Republican / MassLive
January 26, 2017

» Columbia Gas, Berkshire Gas working to end hook-up moratoriums in Franklin, Hampshire counties
By Jim Kinney, Mass Live / Springfield Republican
October 14, 2016

» Ongoing gas leaks continue throughout western Mass.
By Kaitlin Goslee, WWLP News
May 12, 2016