Ct Exp: Tree Felling


On April 12, 2017 – FERC granted Notice to Proceed for both tree cutting and construction of the CT Expansion pipeline.
» See a selection of critical filings on the FERC docket

On March 27, 2017 – the Massachusetts DEP issued its final decision on the appeal of the 401 Water Quality Certificate, finding that the certificate was properly issued; minor revisions were made that do not effect the substance of the construction or tree felling plans. The petitioners who filed have until April 26 to appeal at the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals.

On April 6, 2017 – TGP (Kinder Morgan) filed another request for notice to proceed (NTP) with tree cutting as soon as possible. Their new proposed schedule would have tree felling commence on April 17th. TGP claims that it has all federal authorizations, but several issues are still unresolved, as summarized in the Answer in Opposition to Request for NTP submitted by MassPLAN on April 7.


Please contact the offices of Senators Warren and Markey (and Congressman Neal if you are a constituent), asking them to weigh in, as the Senators have recently regarding Spectra’s projects.

Request to Congressional Delegation regarding CT Expansion Project:

I am contacting your office to ask that the Senator (or Congressman) send a letter to FERC requesting that no tree felling be allowed for Kinder Morgan’s CT Expansion pipeline project while landowners await their day in court.

It would be fundamentally unjust for Commission staff to allow tree felling for this project when the Commission has, for a full year, prevented impacted parties from appealing the certificate order to federal court so that their legal challenges can be heard.

Senator Warren’s Office: (617) 565-3170
Senator Markey’s Office: (617) 565-8519
Congressman Neal’s Office: (413) 785-0325