CT Expansion: Application Documents


The Connecticut Expansion pipeline project is proposed as three segments of pipeline “loop” alongside existing pipelines: approx. 1 mile in New York, approx. 4 miles in Massachusetts, and approximately 8 miles in Connecticut.

Filed with FERC, July 2014.

Abbreviated Application of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., LLC. for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Construct, Install, Modify, and Maintain Certain Pipeline and Compression Facilities – July 31, 2014

» Letter of Transmittal
» Notice of Abbreviated Application
» Abbreviated Application

Appendices to Abbreviated Application:

» Exhibit C: Company Officials
» Exhibit F: Location of Facilities (Included within volumes I and II, Public)
» Exhibits G and G-II (Contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information – Do Not Release)
» Exhibit I: Market Data (Privileged and Confidential)
» Exhibit J: Federal Authorizations
» Exhibit K: Cost of Facilities
» Exhibit N: Revenues-Expenses-Income
» Exhibit O: Depreciation and Depletion
» Exhibit P: Tariff
» Exhibit Z-1: Auxiliary and Appurtenant Facilities
» Exhibit Z-2: Non-Disclosure (Form of Protective) Agreement
» Exhibit Z-3: Open Season Notice and Capacity Reservation Notice

Environmental Report – July 2014

» Environmental Report, Table of Contents

Volume I: Resource Reports

» Resource Report 1: General Project Description
» Resource Report 2: Water Use and Water Quality
» Resource Report 3: Fish, Wildlife, and Vegetation
» Resource Report 4: Cultural Resources
» Resource Report 5: Socioeconomics
» Resource Report 6: Geological Resources
» Resource Report 7: Soils
» Resource Report 8: Land Use, Recreation and Aesthetics
» Resource Report 9: Air and Noise Quality
» Resource Report 10: Alternatives
» Resource Report 11: Reliability and Safety
» Resource Report 12: PCB Contamination
» Resource Report 13: Additional Information Related to LNG Plants

Volume II, Appendices

» Table of Contents, Book 1 of 2, Appendices A-H, , N, P, R-T
» Table of Contents, Book 2 of 2, Appendices I, J, K, Q
» Appendix A: Agency Correspondence Tracking Table
» Appendix B: Agency Correspondence

Attachments to Appendix B:
» Agency Correspondence: Albany County Department of Public Works, Planning and Land Use
» Agency Correspondence: Telephone Call Summary
» Agency Correspondence: Emails
» Agency Correspondence: CTDEEP – Federally and State Listed Species, National Diversity Data Base
» Agency Correspondence: Status Report: Federally Listed Rare Species Consultation Progress
» Agency Correspondence: Access Roads and Pipe Yard Facilities Review Request

» Appendix C: FERC Plan and Procedures
» Appendix D: Spill Prevention and Response Procedures
» Appendix E: Wetland Delineation Reports, Vernal Pool Report

Attachments to Appendix E:
» Inventory and Delineation of Wetlands and Watercourses
» Inventory of Vernal Pools, CT and MA

» Appendix F: Waste Management Plan
» Appendix G: Information Sent to Affected Landowners
» Appendix H: Typical Project Specific Construction Workspace Configurations
» Appendix I: Full-Size Quadrangle Maps
» Appendix J: Full-Size National Wetland Inventory Maps
» Appendix K: Alignment Sheets

Attachments to Appendix K:
» Alignment Sheet 1
» Alignment Sheet 2
» Alignment Sheet 3

» Appendix N: Rare Species Surveys
» Appendix P: Blasting Plan
» Appendix Q: HDD Site-Specific Plans
» Appendix R: Invasive Species Management Plan
» Appendix S: HDD Contingency Plan
» Appendix T: Site Specific Residential Drawings

» Attachment A: Federal Permits and Clearances