The events listed here are not all sponsored or conducted by No Fracked Gas in Mass. We offer them as a way of helping people participate in the full range of anti-pipeline, pro-clean-energy and environmental events shaping our future.

120v to the future— The Retrofit-ready Heat Pump Water Heater: 120 Volts to the Future – Featuring GE, AO Smith & Rheem

For homes with electrical panels with 100 amp or less capacity, installing a heat pump water heater can require a panel upgrade—a potentially expensive and time consuming exercise.

Join BDC and NBI on May 13th as we discuss the latest promising developments in Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) technologies that may avoid this expensive and time consuming exercise!

Tom Zimmer (GE), Arthur Smith (A.O. Smith), and Kevin Clark (Rheem) will unveil a new generation of ‘Plug In,’ HPWH devices, which are compatible with current residential electrical systems. Requiring just 120 volts and low amperage, this exciting new class of HPWH eliminates the need for most electrical panel upgrades. Their ease of use will help accelerate the use of clean energy appliances that are essential to decarbonizing our homes.

You won’t want to miss this discussion of a brand new product offering and the plans for how to deploy these innovative technologies. We look forward to seeing you!

Free public event. Hosted by Building Decarbonization Coalition and New Buildings Institute.

1 – 2:30PM Eastern
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innovative renewable heat— Pittsfield Green Drinks / Introducing the “Hot Roller”
At our May meeting we will feature a presentation and conversation about a new, renewable heating system coming to the Berkshires. 

Introducing the “Hot Roller,” a new heat transfer from compost system for space heating.

Heating buildings from active hot composting is proposed using a new modular, distributed energy approach. This project is coming to the Old Stone Mill Center (OSMC) to advance a form of renewable thermal energy from aerated composting. Please join the virtual presentation to learn more about the state of development for a containerized compost aeration and heat recovery (CCAHR) system – also known as the “Hot Roller” – for heating the OSMC zero-waste maker space in Adams, MA.  Team members from OSMC, Capital Energy, Alpine Solar Heat & Hot Water, and Agrilab Technologies (AGT) will join the discussion with Brian Jerose of AGT sharing a slide presentation.  Rosemary Wessel from OSMC will provide an introduction.

Pittsfield Green Drinks : Each month a guest speaker talks for about 30 minutes beginning at 6 PM on the third Tuesday of the month. The presentation, which is free and open to the public, is followed by discussion and Q&A. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring your questions! These events are virtual until global public health circumstances allow.

What is Green Drinks? Green Drinks is an international forum where people who work in the environmental field meet for a drink and snacks at informal sessions. There will be a lively mix of people from non-profit organizations, academia, government, business, and the general public. Green Drinks is a great way of catching up with people you know and for making new contacts. These networking events are very simple and unstructured. Come along and you’ll be made welcome.

Free public event. Hosted by Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT)

6pm ET
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Castille interview
Article 1, Section 27 at 50, Special Screening of Castille Interview
On the 50th anniversary of Article 1, Section 27, Pennsylvania’s Green Amendment, join us for a special screening of an unreleased interview between former PA Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille and Maya van Rossum, Founder of Green Amendments for the Generations and the Delaware Riverkeeper.

Castille wrote the opinion on the Act 13 case, also known as Robinson Township v Commonwealth, the breathed new life into Article 1, Section 27. Read his opinion here.

The next night, the celebration continues when Better Path Presents features Maya van Rossum who will talk about her efforts to get Green Amendments adopted across the country.

Free public event. Sponsored by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Better Path Coalition, Green Amendments For The Generations and Rachel Mark

7 – 8:30 PM EDT
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peoples assembly on Blackrock
— People’s Assembly on BlackRock

This year, the People’s Assembly on BlackRock ramps up pressure on the company before its annual meeting on May 26.

Join us for an inspiring 90 minute global event kicking off a week of actions leading up to BlackRock’s annual meeting.

Right now, giant investors are wielding their outsized power at corporations that are directly responsible for increased carbon emissions, widespread environmental destruction, and gross human rights abuses against Indigenous Peoples and local communities around the world.

They can create the wide-sweeping change we urgently need… or support business as usual. The choices they make impact the way climate-damaging companies operate and who directs their corporate boards.

BlackRock—the world’s largest fund manager, with massive investments that drive both environmental destruction and human rights violations—has made multiple high-profile commitments, while still pouring billions into fossil fuels and deforestation.

It’s past time to match rhetoric with meaningful climate action. We demand clear, bold steps that require companies to change their practices in line with science based climate targets and the principles of climate justice. BlackRock can play a major role in shifting financing away from the companies and industries endangering people, planet, and our future.

Speakers include international Indigenous leaders, elected officials, scientists, and frontline activists fighting fossil fuel projects in North America.

Free public event. Sponsored by Stop the Money Pipeline, Friends of the Earth U.S. and 5 others

4 – 5:30pm EDT
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better path presents
Better Path Presents Maya van Rossum and the Green Amendment
Maya van Rossum, Founder of Green Amendments For the Generation, the Delaware Riverkeeper, and author of The Green Amendment, will be our guest for a special Better Path Presents celebrating the 50th anniversary of Article 1, Section 27, Pennsylvania’s Green Amendment.

It’s the second of a two-part celebration that starts on Article 1, Section 27’s birthday, May 18th, when we’ll screen a previously unreleased interview Maya conducted with former PA Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille. It was the opinion Castille wrote in the Act 13 case, also known as Robinson Township v Commonwealth, that breathed new life into our Green Amendment.

Free public event. Sponsored by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Better Path Coalition and Green Amendments For The Generations

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— #BuildBackRenewableNow! Online Action
Beyond Extreme Energy is organizing three days of urgent outreach to members of Congress in a #BuildBackRenewableNow action. Join us!

On the 19th we will blitz Congress with emails and phone calls. On the 20th we’ll pressure FERC directly during their monthly meeting. And on the 21st we’ll tweet up a storm and use social media to make sure they get our message.

Right now Congress is debating a Biden proposal for an infrastructure bill, the American Jobs Plan, which would devote $2 trillion to a broad array of investments, including: electric vehicles, plugging abandoned extraction sites, retrofitting housing, water infrastructure, broadband access, care work for the elderly and disabled, and clean energy research. Republicans have pushed back on the cost of the plan as well as the inclusion of care work.

While there are many good aspects of the proposed infrastructure plan, it continues to support false solutions, like ‘clean coal,’ fracked gas, nuclear power and biomass.

We know the solutions. And we have the technology. We just need the political will to say it’s time to #BuildBackRenewableNow!

For over two years BXE has been leading a campaign to replace FERC with FREC, a Federal Renewable Energy Commission. Without question, renewables—wind, solar, moving water via currents, tides and waves, and geothermal—are not just the future, they are right now. Wind and solar with battery storage are economically viable, truly clean, jobs-creating sources of energy that in many parts of the world are less expensive than any other energy source.

That is why, on the 19th-21st, we will be demanding that Congress:

  • enact a “renewables first” national energy policy which prioritizes environmental justice; and,
  • mandate that the nation’s federal energy regulatory agency must operate with this policy, including an end to eminent domain for any new fossil fuel projects.

Right now is the time when members of Congress need to hear from us! Democrats in Congress have been told by the White House that May is the month when the specifics of the American Jobs Plan should be finalized. This is the time to act.

More here on false solutions to climate change.

Free public event. Hosted by Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE

May 19 at 8 AM EDT – May 21 at 5 PM EDT
Online – Facebook Live
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