FERC: How to Subscribe

  • Subscribe to receive information when items are submitted for a Docket Number

    Go to FERC’s e-Subscription page. Follow the instructions to subscribe.If you have already registered, click on the Log-in button, and enter your registered email address or FERC ID and your password.On the next screen, select eSubscription.Enter the docket number you are interested in:
    — Northeast Energy Direct Docket #CP16-21 (older filings used   pre-file Docket #PF14-22)
    — Connecticut Expansion Docket #CP14-529
    — Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Docket #CP14-96
    — Atlantic Bridge Docket #CP16-9
    — Access Northeast Docket #PF16-1

    Click on the Search button and wait a moment for a response.When the information appears – for example:
    CP14-529-000               Application for a Certificate . . .
    Click on the blue cross in the far right column under the heading labelled “Select”
    Wait for it to appear in “Selected Dockets”Click on the Subscribe button.Once you do this, you’ll be notified via email as correspondence gets filed by FERC in that docket number.