FERC: What should I send?

Pre-filing only allows comments, not formal Intervenor status. The pre-filing period is expected to be for about the next year.
»See Kinder Morgan / TGP’s estimated (preferred) time line

Unlike political offices where letters are tallied on one side or another of an issue, FERC’s job is to read and weigh arguments on a project.  Multiple letters with identical wording are likely to be disregarded and hurt our cause in the long run.  When writing your comments, please write about your own narrative for opposing the pipeline.  If you need some inspiration, we have information in the form of the Why It’s Not Needed Page or the materials on our Home Page.

— Any letters you’ve written to elected officials about the pipeline: local, state, federal
— Any official documents from your town voicing concern or opposition to the pipeline (official copies of a passed resolution, statement by water commissions, conservation commissions, historical commissions, public saftey officials, school boards)
— Any official letters about the pipeline from organizations (land trusts, historical societies, churches who foster environmental stewardship, sportsmen’s clubs who fishing or hunting would be affected)
— Newspaper articles about pipeline opposition, hearings, complaints about KM/TGP or Spectra’s dealings in pipeline affected towns
— Your own personal statements about why you oppose (should be overall impact statements – not technical points of concern on your property)
— If you have a business, statements about the economic impacts to your enterprise
— General statements of protest/opposition from people or groups are fine during Pre-Filing.

DO NOT send very specific technical environmental information about your land or region during Pre-Filing. It’s best to save that until AFTER the DEIS comes out during the Filing period.

Encourage your friends, family, associates and civic organizations to file as well. KM is gathering friends and associates and has had them file already.
We are many more than they are. LET THEM KNOW.

NED Docket: # PF14-22
CT Expansion Docket: # CP14-529
AIM Docket: # CP14-96

– During Scoping Comments, submit questions to FERC and requests for what information you want TGP to have to file.  What kind of impacts of their project should FERC be on the lookout for?
i.e. Instead of saying, “our town has a geological formation that would need this specific treatment” say “we would like to require that the Environmental Impact Statement identify areas of specific geological concern”.
» Excellent example of scoping comments by Ostego 2000

Save very specific information about what you object to (such as, “the north end of my property is home to this endangered species”, etc.) for the DEIS review at the end of the formal Filing as opposed to this Pre-Filing period.

Formal filing for the NED project is anticipated to begin in the Fall of 2015.  This is when stakeholders can register as Intervenors.  Some information is helpful to file during the public comment period.  More technical information is best held until the comment period after the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is released.
»See Kinder Morgan / TGP’s estimated (preferred) time line

Intervenorship – The formal filing period is when Intervenor Status is allowed.  Comments are also still allowed during this period if you don’t want to pursue full Intervenor Status.
» See FERC information on Intervening

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