Further pressure on CT Expansion

Tree felling has been completed, and stump removal and other prep work are underway for installation of the pipeline. The FERC docket for this project is busy with filings from multiple parties, from the Narragansett Indian Tribe Historical Preservation Office’s Request for Rehearing, MassPLAN’s Motion to Stay and Request for Rehearing, to our MA Senators and Congressman Neal. There are serious problems with the validity of the Notice to Proceed, given FERC’s lack of a quorum with only two commissioners, and given these still unresolved issues.

It’s been over a month since the earliest of these requests have been filed and FERC has remained silent, letting preparation for construction of the CT Expansion pipeline continue.

Please call Senators Warren and Markey and Congressman Neal (if you’re in his district), to thank them for their letters asking FERC to revoke the Notice to Proceed for CT Expansion, based on STOP’s request for a rehearing going unanswered. Thank them, and urge them to continue to press FERC for a response, and let them know there are multiple other reasons this pipeline should not move forward beyond what they cited in their letters.

• REQUEST for contacting your members of Congress:
Stop all work on the pipeline until requests for rehearing and questions about legality of FERC granting Notice to Proceed are addressed by FERC.

Narragansetts’ request for rehearing based on problems with National Historic Preservation Act procedure / desecration of ceremonial stone landscapes
— STOP (Sandisfield landowners’ group) request for rehearing, or at least lift the tolling order so they can bring it to court
— NTP should not have been granted. FERC had no quorum (only two commissioners AND it was signed off on by a staffer, not even a department head, let alone commissioners).
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— The demand for gas for the Local Distribution Company (LDC) customers in CT has failed to materialize. The precedent agreements for which this pipeline project is being built need to be re-opened and re-examined.

If the pipeline can be stopped even at this late date, trees would be allowed to grow back, and damage done so far would eventually be reversed.

Senator Warren’s Office: (617) 565-3170
Senator Markey’s Office: (617) 565-8519
Congressman Neal’s Office: (413) 785-0325 (if he’s your Congressman)

Press PURA to re-open docket!
It would be extremely helpful to have some letters from politicians and other people of influence in MA and CT, asking the CT Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) that they reopen their gas expansion docket to ensure compliance with the order they issued that established a foundation for the CT Expansion Project.

PURA’s order approving the TGP CT Expansion contracts (between TGP and three CT gas utilities) states:

“It is impossible for the Authority or the Companies to accurately project the future peak day demand or how much of the demand costs would be offset by new customer growth. Therefore, the firm ratepayers are at risk for all of the costs associated with the incremental capacity when it enters service in 2016. Under normal circumstances the Authority has not preapproved the purchase of incremental pipeline capacity contracts. …  If the full amount of the capacity plan is no longer needed to meet the Companies’ expected design peak day demands or if the timetable for need has changed, the Companies shall submit a modified capacity plan for the Authority’s approval.”

Documentation showing that the utilities have fallen short of their forecasts is available here. Thus, this is a legal requirement that the utilities have not met.  The “capacity plan” consists of AIM (which has been built) and the CT Expansion Project, for which contracts have not been modified.

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