Granite Bridge News

» NH Primary Source: Exeter voters oppose Granite Bridge pipeline
By John DiStaso, WMUR News
March 12,  2020

» Exeter voters to weigh in on proposed Granite Bridge pipeline
By Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
February 6, 2020

» I was attacked for having a personal stake in stopping fossil fuels. I do – and so do you
By Dan Weeks, Concord Monitor – opinion
December 26, 2019

» Concord Climate Strike Protests Liberty Utilities’ Granite Bridge Pipeline Plan
By Annie Ropeik, NHPR
December 6, 2019

» PUC consultants oppose approval of Granite Bridge pipeline
By Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
October 3, 2019

» 300 join Climate Strike in Manchester calling for protection of NH environment
By Laura Aronson, Manchester Ink Link
September 22, 2019

» Liberty Utilities Seeks To Quell Natural Gas Fears At ‘Science Fair’ For N.H. Pipeline Proposal
By Annie Ropeik, NHPR
August 1, 2019

» Presidential candidate Inslee weighs in on NH dispute, opposes Granite Bridge project
Proposed pipeline would transport fracked natural gas between Manchester, Exeter
By John DiStaso, WMUR Channel 9
July 27, 2019

» Liberty Utilities to make case for liquefied natural gas tank in Epping
Seacost Online
July 18, 2019

» The dog ate my homework: How utilities avoid least-cost planning
By D. Maurice Kreis, Opinion, InDepthNH
June 27, 2019

» A law that’s not a law
Fluke leaves state without an actual energy infrastructure corridor statute
By Michael Kitch, NH Business Review
June 6, 2019

» No place for Granite Bridge pipeline
March 19, 2019

» Granite Bridge pipeline tests state infrastructure corridors
By Alexander LaCasse, Foster’s Daily Democrat
March 17, 2019

» Liberty Utilities update of natural gas pipeline proposal finds 30% spike in cost to accommodate environmental concerns
By KEVIN LANDRIGAN, New Hampshire Union Leader
March 16, 2019
*Note: This article mistakenly characterizes the proposed Granite Bridge Pipeline as a liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline. Though there is a large LNG storage facility proposed near the center of the project, the pipeline itself would carry conventional fracked gas in its gaseous state, with liquefaction and re-gasification facilities at the storage tank site.

» Liberty Utilities makes case for gas storage facility in Epping
By Kathleen D. Bailey, Seacoast Online
January 31, 2019

» A new 40-year commitment to fossil fuels?
Letter to the Editor,
January 25, 2019

» I support renewable energy and Granite Bridge pipeline
By Peter Somssich (State Representative [D], Portsmouth), Seacoast Online Opinion
January 17, 2019

» Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce endorses Granite Bridge pipeline
By RYAN LESSARD, New Hampshire Union Leader
January 9, 2019

» Epping officials eye better communication as utility pushes pipeline plan with storage tank
By JASON SCHREIBER, New Hampshire Union Leader
January 8, 2019

» Local group to fight Granite Bridge pipeline in Epping
By Kathleen D. Bailey,
October 25, 2018

» Granite Bridge pipeline opponents to host forum
October 18, 2018

» Select Board: Liberty Utilities deal not an endorsement of pipeline
By Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
October 11, 2018

» NH Sierra Club withholds endorsements from state Senate supporters of Granite Bridge pipeline
Environmental group endorses 104 candidates for state offices
By John DiStaso, WMUR 9 News
October 9, 2018

» Locals talk strategy to stop Granite Bridge pipeline
By Kathleen D. Bailey,
October 3, 2018

» Mass. disaster adds scrutiny to proposed local gas line
By Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
September 23, 2018

» Exeter OKs easement with Liberty Utilities
By Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
Posted Sep 10, 2018

» Granite Bridge Support Signals Shifting Attitudes Toward Responsible Energy Development
By Craig Stevens (guest), InsideSources / NH Journal
September 05, 2018
Craig Stevens is the spokesperson for Grow America’s Infrastructure Now, a national coalition focused on promoting key infrastructure investments.

» Energy Policy Rhetoric Heats Up In N.H. Governor’s Race
By Annie Ropeik, New Hampshire Public Radio
September 4, 2018

» Proposed Granite Bridge Pipeline Draws Supporters and Skeptics in Manchester
By Sarah Gibson, New Hampshire Public Radio
August 22, 2018

» Another View — Patricia Martin: BIA is looking backwards in backing Granite Bridge
Editorial by PATRICIA MARTIN, New Hampshire Union Leader
August 15. 2018

» We asked twice: Steve Marchand & Molly Kelly, do you oppose the Granite Bridge Pipeline?
Echo Action Blog Post
August 15, 2018

» New Granite Bridge gas pipeline gains support
By DAVE SOLOMON, New Hampshire Union Leader
August 11. 2018

» BIA endorses Granite Bridge pipeline project
By Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
August 9, 2018

» Environmentalists fight Route 101 gas pipeline
By Alex LaCasse, Seacoast Online
August 2, 2018

» A “Bridge” Too Far For Anti-Pipeline Movement In New Hampshire?
By Michael Graham, Political Editor, NH Journal
June 21, 2018

» Senators hasty to support Granite Bridge
Letter to the Editor by Patricia Martin, Union Leader
May 31. 2018

» Senate prematurely pushing gas project
Letter to the Editor by Patricia Martin, Keene Sentinel
May 31, 2018

» LNG numbers crunched, will take 73 years to recover investment
By Pat Martin, Echo Action NH
May 27, 2018

» Granite Bridge Route 101 pipeline open house draws crowd
By Kathleen D. Bailey, Seacoast Online
May 24, 2018

» Liberty Utilities Fields First Public Input On Natural Gas Pipeline Plan
By Annie Ropeik, NHPR
May 24, 2018

» 22 state senators back Granite Bridge gas pipeline
May 22, 2018

» Patricia Martin: What could go wrong with Granite Bridge pipeline? A lot
By Patricia Martin, Concord Monitor
Saturday, May 19, 2018

» 100% renewable a worthy goal, by Patricia Martin
Op Ed by Patricia Martin, Keene Sentinel
May 12, 2018

» Liberty Utilities hosting open house on Granite Bridge project
By Kathleen D. Bailey /
May 10, 2018

» Epping consultant calls Granite Bridge project ‘an excellent idea’
By Kathleen D. Bailey /
April 26, 2018

» Manchester waiting to become intervenor on gas pipeline project
By Laura Aronson, Manchester Ink Link
April 24, 2018

» Two years after pipeline shelved, opposition groups continue fighting fossil fuel development
By Meghan Foley, Keene Sentinel
April 16, 2018

» Epping seeks intervenor status in pipeline project along Route 101
By Kathleen D. Bailey /
Apr 12, 2018

» Pipeline Opponents Seek To Overturn Approval
By Tim Camerato, Valley News Staff Writer
April 11, 2018

» Granite Bridge reaches deal with NH Building Trades Council: Manchester, Nashua, Concord chambers endorse gas pipeline project
By NHBR Staff, New Hampshire Business Review
April 4, 2018

» Natural gas service approved for Hanover
By Jacob Chalif, The Dartmouth
March 29, 2018

» Pipeline project agrees to use local workers
New Hampshire Union Leader
March 28. 2018

» Liberty Utilities picks two consulting firms for Granite Bridge project
VHB, Analysis Group chosen for proposed natural gas pipeline
By NHBR Staff, New Hampshire Business Review
March 21, 2018

» Regulators OK Lebanon Gas Project (Liberty Utilities)
By Tim Camerato, Valley News
March 7, 2018

Concord — Despite opposition from area officials and some environmentalists, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission this week awarded Liberty Utilities a franchise needed to construct a natural gas pipeline from Lebanon to Hanover.

The company said it would start with a “turn-key supply operation” near the Lebanon landfill on Route 12A and eventually build out into downtown Hanover.

» Read the full story

» PUC Order Granting Franchise

» With Transition to Natural Gas Comes Questions in Climate-Conscious Keene
By Britta Greene, NHPR Radio
August 9, 2017

» Liberty Utilities’ Proposal Would Pipe NatGas to Central New Hampshire
by David Bradley, Natural Gas Intel
December 6, 2017

» Liberty Utilities proposes $340 million underground natural gas pipeline project
by Mike Cronin, WMUR
December 5, 2017

» Liberty Proposes Gas Pipeline To Run From N.H. Seacoast To Manchester
By Annie Ropeik, NHPR
December 4, 2017

» Natural gas pipeline, with LNG storage tank in Epping, proposed by Liberty Utilities
by David Brooks, Concord Monitor
December 4, 2017