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Updated Dec. 2, 2020

• EEA public webinar on MA Decarbonization Roadmap
Monday, December 7th from 12:00- 1:30pm

Please join EEA for a public webinar on the Commonwealth’s planning efforts thus far to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  EEA will soon release several reports on pathways to a net-zero emissions future as well as a Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030.  This webinar will be an opportunity to learn about the research process and provide feedback on the state’s outreach plan around policies for 2030.
» Direct link to the webinar
» More information including recordings and slides from previous sessions

• Act on Mass – Transparency is Power Campaign

Year after year, popular bills about education, immigrant rights, climate change and more are killed by legislators who claim to support them. And voters have no easy way to know what happened or who killed the bills, or why.

Problems include:

  • Most votes aren’t recorded
  • Information isn’t easy to find online.
  • Most bills are killed in committee by being “sent to study”
  • No reason is given why a bill is killed
  • Votes on important bills are often delayed for 15 months after a bill is filed
  • But then Reps aren’t given enough time to read what they’re voting on.

Act on Mass will break down what’s happening in clear, easy-to-understand terms and give you the information you need to engage with state government. Become a member today and browse our issues pages or learn more about the Lack of Transparency.

» ActOnMass.org

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