Legislative News

» Bonnie Heiple, an attorney, named MassDEP commissioner
By Colin A. Young, State House News Service
March 14, 2023

» NY Assembly Bill A4866 Enacts the “fossil fuel facilities replacement and redevelopment blueprint act”
By Dr. Anna R. Kelles – New York State Assembly
February 24, 2023

» Lawmakers, advocates call for faster rollout on local fossil fuel bans
By Hannah Reale, WGBH
February 23, 2023

» House Republican Bill Sacrifices Public Lands for Fossil Fuel Profits
By Geoffrey Nolan, EarthJustice
January 27, 2023

» Healey taps Rebecca Tepper, of attorney general’s office, as secretary of energy and environmental affairs
By Dhama Noor, Boston Globe
December 28, 2022

» ‘A door that can lead to corruption’: Sen. Kaine delivers Mountain Valley Pipeline speech
By Robert Locklear, ABC News
December 15th 2022

» How a new subsidy for ‘green hydrogen’ could set off a carbon bomb
Using electricity to make hydrogen could be an elegant climate solution — or it could prop up a dirty grid.
By Emily Pontecorvo, Grist
December 12, 2022

» Manchin’s last-gasp permitting effort fails
By Emma Dumain, E&E News
December 7, 2022

» Groups Warn Pelosi, Schumer Against Allowing Manchin ‘Dirty Deal’ in Pentagon Spending Bill
“This obvious fossil fuel giveaway would devastate communities and set back efforts to avoid a climate catastrophe,” said one campaigner.
By Jon Queally, Common Dreams
December 5, 2022

» Inflation Reduction Act upends utility resource planning tenets: NARUC panelists
By Ethan Howland, Utility Dive
November 17, 2022

» Majority of 1st Franklin, 1st Hampshire district voters support carbon tax
By BELLA LEVAVI, Daily Hampshire Gazette
November 10, 2022

» Commercial building owners are about to get a new tool to fight climate change in Maine
Maine is the latest state to offer Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or C-PACE, loans, a tool that lets property owners repay loans for solar, energy efficiency and other projects through a line on their property tax bills.
By Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network
October 26, 2022

» New England states poised to capitalize on new federal climate law incentives
Every New England state except New Hampshire has already adopted climate laws requiring greenhouse gas emission reductions. The work already done around those plans should help them secure Inflation Reduction Act funds.
By Lisa Prevost, Energy News Network
October 24, 2022

» Sen. Manchin pulls environmental permitting ‘reform’ bill from stopgap funding legislation
By Eric Schaeffer, Oil and Gas Watch
September 27, 2022

» Manchin permitting reform cut from spending bill
By Rachel Frazin, The Hill
September 27, 2022

» Manchin’s permitting reform deal on life support in face of GOP opposition   
By Alexander Bolton, The Hill
September 22, 2022

» Markey opposes Manchin push to include permitting reform in stopgap funding bill
By Rachel Frazin, The Hill
September 16, 2022

» Revealed: rightwing US lobbyists help craft slew of anti-protest fossil fuel bills
Legislation drafted by Alec part of backlash against indigenous communities and environmentalists opposing oil and gas projects
By Nina Lakhani, The Guardian
September 14, 2022

» Progressive Revolt Against Manchin’s Energy Side Deal Could Snarl Government Funding
More than 70 House Democrats warned leadership against a special deal with West Virginia’s Democratic senator to win his Inflation Reduction Act support.
By Jonathan Nicholson, Huff Post
September 9, 2022

» Could you get home energy and EV incentives under the climate law?
Find out which tax credits and upfront discounts you can earn for heat pumps, solar, electric vehicles and more — and how much money they could save you.
By Alison F. Takemura, Canary Media
August 30, 2022

» After 25 Years of Futility, Democrats Finally Jettison Carbon Pricing in Favor of Incentives to Counter Climate Change
The $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act is the nation’s first comprehensive climate plan to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and boost renewable energy and green technology. It relies on tax credits and other “carrots,” not sticks.
By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News
August 12, 2022

» Baker signs major climate bill into law
By Sabrina Shankman and Dharna Noor, Boston Globe
August 12, 2022

» The Inflation Reduction Act Is No Oil Killer
By Dan Eberhart, Forbes
August 12, 2022
Dan Eberhart is CEO of Canary, LLC.

» People Fighting for a Livable Planet Don’t Owe Joe Manchin One Single Thing
Whatever Republicans do—and in the end they will do what Big Oil instructs them to do—progressives should not sign off on permitting reform that helps expand the fossil fuel empire.
By Bill McKibben, The Crucial Years, in Common Dreams
August 11, 2022

» Massachusetts just passed a massive climate and clean energy bill
In a first for the state, the legislation contains a provision that would allow some cities and towns to ban fossil fuel infrastructure in new and major construction projects
By Allyson Chiu, The Washington Post
August 11, 2022

» No One Owes Joe Manchin Anything
Acting on climate doesn’t entitle him to the pipeline of his choice
By Bill McKibben, Substack.com | Opinion
August 11, 2022

» Congress Just Passed a Big Climate Bill. No, Not That One.
A bipartisan act is quietly about to invest billions in boosting green technology.
By Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
August 10, 2022

» Congress is about to pass a historic climate bill. So why are oil companies pleased?
The bill is a devil’s bargain between the Democrats, the fossil fuel industry, and recalcitrant senator Joe Manchin. Yet it’s better than nothing
By Kate Aronoff, The Guardian | Opinion
August 9, 2022
Kate Aronoff is a staff writer at the New Republic and the author of Overheated: How Capitalism Broke the Planet – And How We Fight Back

» This act is the biggest step against climate change the US has ever taken
The Inflation Reduction Act is no cure-all, but it’s a really big deal
By Justine Calma, The Verge
August 8, 2022

» Climate Policy Sent Back To Baker With Sweeteners
By Colin Young,  NBC News, Channel 10
August 1, 2022

» Legislature amends climate bill, leaving its fate in Governor Baker’s hands
By Dharna Noor, Boston Globe
August 1, 2022

» Baker in take-it-or-leave-it position on climate bill
Lawmakers accept his price cap amendment, reject most others
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
July 31, 2022

» More Work to Do on Major Mass. Climate Bill as Baker Makes ‘Major Rewrite’
By Chris Lisinsk, NBC News, Channel 10
July 30, 2022

» Climate activists mixed hardball with a long game. Now they’re vindicated.
By David Wallace-Wells, New York Times | Opinion
July 29, 2022

» How the Senate Climate Bill Could Slash Emissions by 40 Percent
A surprise breakthrough on climate and energy legislation revives President Biden’s environmental commitments by outlining large emissions reductions
By Scott Waldman and Benjamin Storrow, E&E News
July 28, 2022

» The Inflation Reduction Act is also an enormous climate bill. What’s in it?
If passed, the bill will provide the most federal funding in history for climate resilience and electrification, drastically changing the course of U.S. climate policy.
By Talib Visram, Fast Company
July 28, 2022

» Remarks by President Biden on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
July 28, 2022

» Senate Democrats Produce a Far-Reaching Climate Bill, But the Price of Compromise with Joe Manchin is Years More Drilling for Oil and Gas
The legislation includes unprecedented tax incentives for renewable energy and electric vehicles but requires additional oil and gas leasing on millions of acres of federal land for a decade.
By Marianne Lavelle and Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News
July 28, 2022

» Manchin, in reversal, backs bill with $369B in climate spending
By Ethan Howland, Utility Dive
July 27, 2022

» Activists clamor for Baker to sign climate bill
By SAM DORAN, State House News Service, Gazettenet.com
July 26, 2022

» What to know about the climate bill on Gov. Baker’s desk
By Miriam Wasser, WBUR
July 22, 2022

» Here’s what’s in the Legislature’s energy/climate change legislation
Utility bill assessments scrapped; funding levels still to be determined
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
July 21, 2022

» State Legislature advances new climate bill after months of negotiations
By Dharna Noor, Boston Globe
July 21, 2022

» ‘Huge Political Embarrassment’ as High Court Declares UK’s Net-Zero Target Unlawful
By The Energy Mix
July 20, 2022

» How One Senator Doomed the Democrats’ Climate Plan
Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia led his party and his president through months of tortured talks, with nothing to show for it as the planet dangerously heats up.
By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman, New York Times
July 15, 2022

» Manchin Pulls Plug on Climate and Tax Talks, Shrinking Domestic Plan
The West Virginia Democrat’s decision dealt a crushing blow to President Biden’s domestic agenda, effectively ruling out action on anything beyond prescription drug pricing and health care subsidies.
By Emily Cochrane and Lisa Friedman, New York Times
July 14, 2022

» Manchin balks at climate and tax pieces of Biden agenda bill but backs health care provisions
Manchin’s position leaves Democratic leaders with a grueling choice: They can either drop the package or pass the provisions he supports.
By Sahil Kapur, Frank Thorp V and Julie Tsirkin, NBC News
July 14, 2022

» Three-week sprint: Dems eye deal on clean energy package
By Jeremy Dillon and Nick Sobczyk, E&E News
July 11, 2022

» Australia prioritizes reducing emissions and cheaper EVs
By ROD McGUIRK, The Associated Press, in The Boston Globe
June 29, 2022

» New Jersey releases blueprint for landmark environmental justice law
‘We need to actually say no to industry when it hurts communities.’
By Julia Kane, Grist
June 22, 2022

» [RI] House passes 100% renewable electricity bill
By Nancy Lavin, Providence Business Journal
June 15, 2022

» ‘Seize the moment’: Advocates push state to use pandemic relief funds for climate action
Governor Charlie Baker needs the legislature’s buy-in, and so far, Beacon Hill officials haven’t passed legislation codifying that funding.
By Dharna Noor, Boston Globe
June 13, 2022

» Massachusetts lawmakers consider ending retail electric choice for residential customers
By Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
June 8, 2022

» Democrats and the endless pursuit of climate legislation
Amid overlapping crises, has Congress missed its moment to act?
By Shannon Osaka, Grist
June 1, 2022

» New Zealand sets first “stepping stone” carbon budgets on road to net zero
By Michael Mazengarb, Renew Economy
May 9, 2022

» Senate passes big climate bill focused on getting to net-zero
By Chris Lisinski, State House News Service, on WBUR
April 15, 2022

» Quebec Becomes World’s First Jurisdiction to Ban Oil and Gas Exploration
By Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix
April 13, 2022

» What to know about the Mass. Senate’s new climate bill
Miriam Wasser, WBUR
April 8, 2022

» Senate unveils sweeping climate bill
By Sabrina Shankman, Boston Globe
April 7, 2022

» The Boring Bill in Tennessee That Everyone Should Be Watching
By Margaret Renkl, New York Times | Opinion
March 28, 2022

» Tennessee Senate passes bill to preempt local laws on oil and gas pipelines
By Dulce Torres Guzman, Tennessee Lookout
March 25, 2022

» The political window is closing on climate change
If Democrats can’t compromise now, they may come away with nothing.
By The Editorial Board, Boston Globe
March 3, 2022

» 2021 was a landmark year for energy efficiency legislation in US states
Now comes the hard part.
By Adam Mahoney, Grist
February 3, 2022

» Why the collapse of Biden’s Build Back Better would be a major blow to the climate fight
It would be almost impossible for the US to comply with its greenhouse gas reduction pledges without the $1.75tn package that Manchin refuses to support
By Nina Lakhani, The Guardian
December 22, 2021

» ‘Alarming’: ALEC’s New Model Bill Would Penalize Banks for Divesting From Fossil Fuels
One critic called the proposal, which describes green investment policies as a form of “energy discrimination,” a “desperate attempt by fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists to maintain their profits.”
By Kenny Stancil, Common Dreams
December 8, 2021

» New York’s Right to ‘a Healthful Environment’ Could Be Bad News for Fossil Fuel Interests
Coupled with the state’s landmark climate law, the provision is a “blinking red light” for new gas pipelines and other oil and gas projects.
By Kristoffer Tigue, Inside Climate News
November 23, 2021

» Merkley, Warren and Markey sound alarm over ‘dirty’ hydrogen provision in climate deal
By Alexander Bolton, The Hill
October 27, 2021

» US corporations talk green but are helping derail major climate bill
Apple and Amazon are among dozens of companies whose lobbying groups are fighting to stop the Democrats’ reconciliation package.
By Joseph Winters, Grist
October 7, 2021

» Boston just enacted its ‘single most impactful initiative’ to curb greenhouse gas emissions
The new measure, dubbed BERDO 2.0, requires large buildings to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
By Nik DeCosta-Klipa, Boston.com
October 5, 2021

» In the Democrats’ Budget Package, a Billion Tons of Carbon Cuts at Stake
The package is imperiled by opposition from Joe Manchin, a coal state Democrat, who is balking at the costs, and advocates fear the chance won’t come again.
By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News
September 17, 2021

» Will a Summer of Climate Crises Lead to Climate Action? It’s Not Looking Good
A $3.5 trillion budget bill is faltering in the Senate, and in America at large, well, as one expert put it: “It’s really hard to get people to change their way of life.”
By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News
September 3, 2021

» UN climate report raises pressure on Biden to seize a rare moment
The US president may have only one chance to pass legislation to confront the crisis: ‘We can’t wait’
By Oliver Milman, The Guardian
August 10, 2021

» Climate advocates seek ‘action’ legislation to move beyond road map bill
By Danny Jin, Berkshire Eagle
July 26, 2021

» New Maine law prohibits offshore wind farms in state waters
But the compromise still encourages the development of offshore wind technology in federal waters off Maine.
By Kevin Miller, Portland Press Herald, in centralmaine.com
Photo: Maine Coast | Expedia
July 7, 2021

» Congress Votes To Restore Regulations On Climate-Warming Methane Emissions
Reducing greenhouse gases, means tackling pollution from the oil and gas industry
By Jeff Brady, NPR
June 25, 2021

» Stop sweetheart deals with state utilities
3% revenue increase each year not fair to ratepayers
By Natalie Blais, Joanne Comerford and Daniel Sosland, CommonWealth Magazine
June 24, 2021

» Maine utility regulators can’t consider climate in their decisions. A bill headed to the governor can change that
A bill approved this week by Maine lawmakers would expand the Public Utilities Commission’s scope beyond reliability and rate impacts and allow it to consider the state’s climate goals in decision-making. Equity might be next.
By David Thill, Energy News Network
June 16, 2021

» Fossil fuel subsidies are a ‘disgrace’, Greta Thunberg tells US House panel
Climate activist asked to speak at hearing as part of push by Democrats to include fossil fuel subsidy elimination in bill
By Oliver Milman, The Guardian
April 22, 2021

» What You Need To Know About The New Mass. Climate Law
By Miriam Wasser, WBUR
March 26, 2021

» Baker signs climate change bill into law
Sets state on road to achieving net zero emissions by 2050
By Chris Lisinski, CommonWealth Magazine
March 26, 2021

» Baker intends to sign climate and emissions bill
By Chris Lisinski, WWLP
March 25, 2021

» Baker administration ‘very pleased’ with climate change bill
With few options, top aide embraces Legislature’s amended proposal
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
March 18, 2021

» Senate stands pat on climate change legislation
Bill rejects major amendments proposed by Baker
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
March 10, 2021

» State lawmakers poised to pass revised climate bill
By David Abel, Boston Globe
March 10, 2021

» Investment tax credit for energy storage a ‘once in a generation opportunity towards saving planet’
By Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News
Image: Andy Colthorpe / Solar Media.
March 10, 2021

» Andrew Ahern: ‘Who’s delaying climate action in Massachusetts?’
By Andrew Ahern, Telegram & Gazette | Opinion
February 17, 2021

» Baker takes more conciliatory tone on climate change bill
Sends it back with amendments, drops objection on offshore wind
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
February 7, 2021

» Baker Sends Climate Bill Back With Amendments
By Colin A. Young, State House News Service, on WBUR
February 07, 2021

» Massachusetts legislature passes climate policy bill
By Wicked Local
February 2, 2021

» Massachusetts lawmakers quickly approve climate change bill for second time
By STEVE LeBLANC, AP, in Boston.com
January 28, 2021

» Inside the divide between Legislature, Baker on climate plan
By Danny Jin, The Berkshire Eagle
January 27, 2021

» Pass the climate change bill again
And governor, this time go ahead and sign it
By Eugenia Gibbons, David Gasson and Will Havemeyer, CommonWealth Magazine / Opinion
January 27, 2021

» Questions on Baker’s $6b climate change cost estimate
Barrett, CLF’s Campbell say governor’s veto letter not convincing
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
January 19, 2021

» Proposals to prohibit natural gas bans may threaten cities’ clean energy goals
By Karen Uhlenhuth, Energy News Network
Photo By J. Stephen Conn, David Casteel / Flickr / Creative Commons
January 15, 2021

» Reluctantly, governor vetoes Mass. climate change bill, but it may soon be back on his desk
By Matt Stout and David Abel, Boston Globe
January 14, 2021

» Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker vetoes omnibus climate, emissions reduction bill
By Matt Murphy, State House News Service, in Berkshire Eagle
January 14, 2021

» Mariano ready to refile accord on climate, emissions
By Matt Murphy, WWLP Channel 22 News
January 13, 2021

» Worries mount over climate change bill
Some advocates, lawmakers fret about Baker veto
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
January 12, 2021

» Real estate groups push for veto of climate bill, saying it could thwart economic recovery
Developers worry that rules allowing towns to adopt “net zero” building requirements could drive up costs and drive away business
By Jon Chesto, Boston Globe
January 12, 2021

» A letter to Gov. Baker: Sign the climate bill
By Tim Cronin | Emily Reichert, Boston Business Journal / Opinion
January 11, 2021

» 8 Ways The New Climate Bill Affects You, Your Washing Machine And Our Climate Goals
By Miriam Wasser, WBUR
January 5, 2021

» Deal reached on major Massachusetts climate change bill; 40% of the state’s electric power would be renewable by 2030
By Michael P. Norton, MassLive
January 4, 2020

» San Francisco’s gas ban on new buildings could prompt statewide action
The vote adds San Francisco to the growing list of nearly 40 California cities to pass such ordinances since Berkeley’s historic ban in July 2019.
By Kristin Musulin, Utility Dive
November 12, 2020

» Reps. Schakowsky, Barragán Introduce Legislation to End Fossil Fuel Expansion and Protect Communities
By Collin Rees, Oil Change International
September 17, 2020

» Delayed Senate Energy Bill Promotes LNG Exports, ‘Clean Coal’ and Geoengineering
By Steve Horn, DeSmog Blog
March 11, 2020

» Act on Climate bill faces resistance in [RI] House Environment Committee
By Steve Ahlquist, Uprise RI
March 8, 2020

» Virginia Mandates 100% Clean Power by 2045
The Clean Economy Act will drive utility Dominion to procure gigawatts of solar, offshore wind and energy storage.
By Jeff St. John, GreenTech Media
March 6, 2020

» Over 570 Groups Endorse Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez’s Fracking Ban Act as ‘Essential and Urgent Climate Action’
“The path to a Green New Deal starts with bold action to restrict the supply of fossil fuels, and that is precisely why a ban on fracking is an absolute necessity.”
By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams
February 20, 2020

» Massachusetts Senate passes economy-wide carbon pricing, net zero emissions target
By Tim Cronin, Climate XChange
January 31, 2020

» Sanders introduces bill to ban fracking
By Rachel Frazin, The Hill
January 30, 2020

» Energy Subcommittee Announces Oversight Hearing on the Natural Gas Act
By House Committee on Energy & Commerce
January 29, 2020

» Massachusetts AG Healey stokes grassroots effort for clean energy market rules in ISO-NE
By Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
December 13, 2019

» A roadmap for combatting climate change
Let’s build on Global Warming Solutions Act
By Joan Meschino and Alyssa Rayman-Read, CommonWealth Magazine
October 26, 2019

» State Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest of Oil & Gas “Critical Infrastructure”
By Connor Gibson for Greenpeace USA
March 25, 2019

» Grid operator laments lack of action on carbon pricing
Says New England states uninterested; New York pushing ahead
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
February 20, 2019

» Trump Eyes Action to Limit States’ Powers to Block Pipelines
By Ari Natter and Jennifer A Dlouhy, Bloomberg
January 24, 2019

» Supporters: Some state lawmakers drawn to ‘bold’ climate bill
By Matt Murphy, State House News Service, on Telegram.com
January 11, 2019

» Warning Of Flooded Cities, Spilka Puts Climate Change Atop To-Do List
By Matt Murphy, State House News Service – On WGBH Public Radio
January 9, 2019

» 14 New Massachusetts State Reps Support 100% Renewable Energy by 2050
By Guest Stacy Clark, DeSmog Blog
January 8, 2019

» Two MIT grads are goading Bob DeLeo with ballot measures in his district
By Joshua Miller, Boston Globe
October 26, 2018

» Senators Rafferty, Dinniman, Killion To Introduce Bipartisan Pipeline Siting Bill, 4 Other Pipeline-Related Bills Now On Senate Calendar
PA Environmental Digest Blog
October 2, 2018

» Activists Have A New Strategy To Block Gas Pipelines: State’s Rights
Jeff Brady, NPR
August 20, 2018

» Acadia Center Summary of 2018 Clean Energy Legislation in MA
By Acadia Center
August 15, 2018

» Mass. Legislature fails the environment
By Margery Eagan, Boston Globe Opinion
August 06, 2018

» Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Bill that Opens New Prospects for Microgrids
By Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge
August 6, 2018

» Beyond Beacon Hill, citizens and civic leaders go big on clean energy (Guest viewpoint)
By Ben Hellerstein, MassLive Editorial
August 3, 2018

» Advocates hail passage of Massachusetts clean energy bill but want to take it further
Peter Maloney, Utility Dive
August 2, 2018

» Ben Downing: End Of Session
By Ben Downing, Commentary on WAMC Radio
July 31, 2018

» ‘Home energy scorecard’ idea pulled from Senate energy bill
By Mary C. Serreze, MassLive.com
June 22, 2018

» Massachusetts Senate passes ambitious clean energy bill
By Mary C. Serreze, MassLive.com
June 15, 2018

» State addresses mounting storm damage on Cape
By Doug Fraser, Cape Cod Times
April 26, 2018

» Moving toward Massachusetts’ 100 percent sustainable future
By Bryce Fricklas, BU Statehouse Program  / SouthCoast Today                   
March 31, 2018

» Ahead of Senate vote on Clean Energy Bill, Massachusetts is on the cusp of an energy revolution (viewpoint)
By State Sen. Eric P. Lesser, MassLive.com
March 20, 2018

» Baker-Polito Administration Files Legislation Committing Over $1.4 Billion to Climate Change, Environmental Protection, and Community Investments
Baker/Polito Administration Press Release
March 15, 2018

» Pacheco: Citizens will demand omnibus clean energy bill
By Matt Murphy, State House News Service / Lowellsun.com
February 13, 2018

» Mass. Senators Offer Plan To Accelerate
Clean Energy Growth
By Matt Murphy, State House News Service
February 12, 2018
» Onmibus Energy Bill Summary page
» Download the bill

Legislative Updates – March 2018

from Mass Power Forward

Months into 2018, urgency on climate change hasn’t dulled. In fact, with storms, blizzards, floods and power outages, the need for action is becoming ever-more visible. Fortunately, the legislature and governor are considering major action on climate and the environment. In the menatime, we need advocates to keep calling, calling, calling until the legislature acts!

A quick status report on Mass Power Forward priorities:

H2913/S426, the Environmental Justice Act, is now in the House Ways and Means committee. Funding for an environmental justice director also appears in the Governor’s budget proposal. Read more on environmental justice here.
Omnibus energy legislation, S2302, An act to promote a clean energy future is pending in Senate Ways and Means. Read a fact sheet on the omnibus energy bill here. Meanwhile, the Governor has filed an Environmental Bond Bill. The bond bill is focused on climate adaptation, but includes also policy changes on a number of energy and environmental issues. Bond bills have a long legislative process, but we’ll likely see a hearing scheduled soon in the Joint Committee on Environmental, Natural Resources and Agriculture soon.
Various bills on the Renewable Portfolio Standard and Solar (including H3396/S1831 An Act relative to solar power in environmental justice and urban communities Rep. Holmes / Sen. Chang-Diaz) are still pending in the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilties and Energy. These bills have a deadline of April 12. H3400, the “DPU reform bill,” was unfortunately sent to study, but its major components are included in the Senate omnibus legislation.

The House should be commended for acting on Environmental Justice and the Massachusetts Senate for advancing aggressive climate action. Your legislators can take action to advance both – urge them to speak up today! Let’s be sure the legislature acts before the session ends in July!