Modernizing the Grid – Concepts and News

Technical Concepts

Effective Load Carrying Capability (ELCC)
Calculating ELCC values requires probabilistic grid modeling. The process involves running many different simulations where important variables like electricity load and renewable generation vary randomly in each simulation. In this way, a grid operator can accurately assign capacity value to renewable resources.


» Pathways Study
Evaluation of Pathways to a Future Grid
By Analysis Group, Inc for ISO-New England
February, 2022

» RESPECT (Reforming Energy System Planning for Equity and Climate Transformation)
Electric and natural gas (or, more accurately, fossil gas) utilities, and the distribution systems they own and operate, function under outdated incentives and approaches and are misaligned with efforts to build an equitable and safe clean energy future.
By Amy Boyd and Oliver Tully, Acadia Center
November 2021


» Study lays out options for New England grid operator to help cut emissions
Critics say the regional grid operator has been slow to respond to states’ emission reduction goals, and that reforms are needed to help emerging clean energy resources compete in its electricity markets.
By Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network
May 23, 2022

» ‘More, more, more’: Biden’s clean grid hinges on power lines
By Peter Behr, E&E News
May 23, 2022

» How California can get to a reliable, 85% clean grid by 2030
A new report finds that more offshore wind and geothermal power could reduce risks of overreliance on massive solar and battery growth to meet state goals.
By Jeff St. John, Canary Media
May 10, 2022

» New England grid operator moves to delay reform of rule favoring fossil fuels
The minimum offer price rule makes it harder for subsidized renewables to compete in ISO-New England’s capacity markets. A stakeholder group endorsed getting rid of the rule next year, but the grid operator now wants to push back the change to 2025.
By Lisa Prevost, Energy News Network
May 2, 2022

» Challenging the status quo on electricity, heating
Conservation Law Foundation officials call for change
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
April 25, 2022

» FERC unveils transmission plan seen as key for renewables
By Miranda Willson, E&E News
April 22, 2022

» Sen. Edward Markey to stand on steps of ISO New England to protest proposal to slow incorporation of more green energy into market
By Noah R. Bombard, MassLive
April 14, 2022

» Grid operator urges slower transition on renewables
Seeks approval from FERC for 2-year extension of pricing rule
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
April 5, 2022

» How a smarter grid can prevent blackouts
By Peter Behr, E&E News
March 16, 2022

» ISO-NE’s market rules biased toward gas plants, renewable energy groups say in FERC complaint
By Ethan Howland, Utility Dive
March 16, 2022

» Grid operators’ ‘seam’ study paves way for renewable expansion
A new study shows how strategically sited transmission projects can unleash a wave of new clean energy generation.
By Jeffrey Tomich, E&E News, in Energy News Network
March 5, 2022

» The future is now: Doubling down on fossil fuels is not the solution to New England’s energy needs
By Joe Curtatone, Utility Dive | Opinion
March 1, 2022
Joe Curtatone is president of the Northeast Clean Energy Council

» How PJM’s ‘fat market’ for capacity fuels environmental injustice and consumer expense
By Liz Stanton and Joshua Castigliego, Utility Dive | Opinion
February 24, 2022

» UK’s National Grid to get grid stability services from renewables for first time
By Reuters
February 14, 2022

» State policymakers, candidates and advocates decry controversial energy grid vote
By Sabrina Shankman, Boston Globe
February 11, 2022

» A decision made behind closed doors may set clean energy back by two years
By Sabrina Shankman, Boston Globe
February 5, 2022

» Distributed energy is poised to take center stage in 2022, but policymakers and regulators must step up
By Ben Hertz-Shargel, Utility Dive
February 4, 2022

» Why Massachusetts is in a bind on emissions goals
ISO-NE needs to change its rules and stop creating barriers that lock out renewable energy.
By Bradley Campbell and Stephan Roundtree, Boston Globe | Opinion
June 25, 2021

» Grid operator should stop crying wolf
It’s time to step up on climate or get out of the way
By Bradley M. Campbell, CommonWealth Magazine | Opinion
February 3, 2022
Bradley Campbell is president of Conservation Law Foundation.

» Overwhelmed by Solar Projects, the Nation’s Largest Grid Operator Seeks a Two-Year Pause on Approvals
“It’s a kink in the system,” says one developer trying to bring solar jobs to coal country. “The planet does not have time for a delay.”
By James Bruggers, Inside Climate News
February 2, 2022

» Breakthroughs in generation and system integration are driving the utility of the future, analysts say
The new technologies will reverse the supply-demand equation and bring competitive procurement and a transaction platform to merge the bulk power and distribution systems.
By Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
January 31, 2022

» Opponents appeal East Boston substation’s waterfront license
By Walter Wuthmann, WBUR
January 27, 2022

» Biden administration announces major new initiatives to clean up the electric grid
Federal agencies announced plans to open up public lands and waters and lay new transmission lines
By Justine Calma, The Verge
January 12, 2022

» US smart meter penetration hits 65%, expanding utility demand response resources: analysts
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
December 21, 2021

» The Magic Math of Solar plus Storage
By Joseph Daniel, Union of Concerned Scientists | Blog
November 29, 2021

» To Understand Energy Storage, You Must Understand ELCC
By Mark Specht, Union of Concerned Scientists | Blog
June 14, 2021

» ELCC Explained: the Critical Renewable Energy Concept You’ve Never Heard Of
By Mark Specht, Union of Concerned Scientists | Blog
October 12, 2020

» Technical Information Session: Resource Capacity Contributions to Resource Adequacy
By ISO New England
August 20, 2021
This document shows that ISO-NE is exploring ELCC as a modeling tool.


» US smart meter penetration hits 65%, expanding utility demand response resources: analysts
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
December 21, 2021

» Democrats’ infrastructure bills don’t go far enough on cleaning up the power grid
A clean grid is the linchpin of any plan to tackle climate change
By Justine Calma, The Verge
November 3, 2021

» Boosting transmission between East, West grids will lower costs: NREL
By Ethan Howland, Utility Dive
October 19, 2021

» PPL makes ‘small’ investment to gain insight into ‘innovative’ $2.5B SOO Green transmission project
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
September 27, 2021

» From smart meters to big batteries, co-ops emerge as clean grid laboratories
A wave of pilot programs by Minnesota electric cooperatives is saving customers money and providing useful data for larger utilities considering new technology and pricing models to encourage grid efficiency.
By Frank Jossi, Energy News Network
August 26, 2021

» Cost allocation remains key challenge for FERC ahead of transmission reform, Glick says
By Catherine Morehouse, Utility Dive
July 20, 2021

» US grid needs overhaul to keep up with renewable revolution, says GE exec, Sen. Heinrich
By Scott Voorhis, Utility Dive
June 22, 2021

» New England states push for governance changes in ISO-NE, ahead of anticipated MOPR reform
To quell state frustrations, regulators say conversations will have to move beyond reforming the controversial minimum price rule.
By Catherine Morehouse, Utility Dive
June 7, 2021

» Advocates say Maine needs to expand time-of-use rates to hit climate goals
As more drivers switch to electric cars and buildings convert to heat pumps, changing customer behavior with new rate designs could be key to preventing expensive and polluting new investments in the state’s power grid.
By David Thill, Energy News Network
May 27, 2021