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A natural gas liquefaction, storage and truck-loading facility proposed for Charlton, MA.
EFSB 18-04 / D.P.U. 18-96

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Charlton $100M LNG plant to present new plan Wednesday (May 30)

By Debbie LaPlaca, Worcester Telegram
May 27, 2019

The plan to develop a $100 million liquid natural gas plant along the “energy corridor” will be presented at a public hearing at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Charlton Middle School.
Liberty Energy Trust, operating under the name Northeast Energy Center LLC, seeks to construct the LNG plant on 12 acres near Millennium Power on Route 169.

Boris Brevnov, manager Liberty Energy Trust, told Charlton selectmen last week the Route 20 location described during a state Department of Public Utilities public hearing in November has been abandoned. The new site, he said, was the optimal location in what he called the “energy corridor” along Route 169.

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The property abuts Incom Inc., which abuts Millennium. The Tennessee Gas Pipeline, a National Grid transmission line, and a solar farm are at the rear of the property. Mr. Brevnov told selectmen the proposed natural gas liquefaction, storage and truck-loading facility is a hybrid and would be the first of its kind in North America.

The project will undergo multi-jurisdictional reviews and approvals from both the state Department of Public Utilities and the state Energy Facilities Siting Board.

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Charlton already bears the brunt of several infrastructure sites, including the nearby Southbridge Casella Waste Disposal site, the Millennium power plant and a Tennessee Gas compressor station. They’ve also already had environmental impacts for decades from LaMountain service station gas tank leaks. Adding yet another industrial facility to the area will only add to the burden the residents of Charlton and Southbridge already bear.
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This multi-faceted LNG facility would obtain gas from the Tennessee Gas 200-Line that runs across the state, chill the gas to -260° for storage in a 2 million gallon tank, load gas onto trucks for transport – supplying National Grid customers and possibly others.
This facility would fall into the category of “peak shaving” facility (as opposed to export or import – see types and info about LNG facilities from Sightline Institute).

Cover Letter, 2 pgs.
Amended and Restated Position of Northeast Energy Center LLC for Approval of a Gas Liquefaction and Storage Facility, 5 pgs.
Amended and Restated Position of Northeast Energy Center LLC for Individual and Comprehensive Zoning Exemptions, 30 pgs.
Amended and Restated Position of Northeast Energy Center LLC for Individual and Comprehensive Zoning Exemptions
, 176 pgs.

New Project Petition, 271 pages with full project description
Appendix E – Traffic Trip Generation & Site Distance Memo, 133 pgs

Affidavit executed by NEC’s environmental expert that confirms that NEC’s proposal to construct and operate a newly configured and sited gas liquefaction, storage and truck-loading facility in the Town of Charlton, Massachusetts (“Project”), as designed, does not trigger any filing requirements pursuant to the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act …, 2 pgs.

Town of Charlton Zoning Board of Appeals Request for Intervenor Status, April 24, 2019

Important Information Regarding: (1) Intervenor and Limited Participant Petitions in this Proceeding;and (2) the Final Service List, 2 pg., May 15, 2019
Note: Deadline to file as Intervenor, June 12, 2019
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DPU comments on identical filings, 1 pg., May 31, 2019



A natural gas liquefaction, storage and truck-loading facility proposed for Charlton, MA.

This facility would also include approx. 1.3 miles of lateral pipeline leading from Tennessee Gas’ 200-line and a metering station. Powered by natural gas turbine.
(Analysis of proposal ongoing – check back for more comprehensive description or view filings below for extensive info.)

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Energy Facilities Siting Board Hearing
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
Charlton Municipal Offices, Board of Selectmen Meeting Room
37 Main Street, Charlton, MA 01507
View meeting here:

Comment Deadline: November 30
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EFSB Filings (Docket 18-04), August 31, 2018
Petition Cover Letter, 2 pgs.
Petition Filing, 4 pgs.
Appearance of Counsel (DPU & EFSB), 2 pgs.

Petition (Main proposal description), 158 pgs.
Includes topographic, satellite and parcel maps showing facility, lateral pipeline and meter station location;
Community outreach;
MEPA status;
Project team;
Project description including interstate pipeline connection, meter station, interconnection main, gas pretreatment and LNG liquefaction systems, LNG storage tanks, LNG truck loading system;
Project layout including site layout and civil design, facility layout;
Comparison of technologies;
Project schedule and cost;
Safety planning;
Site security;
Natural gas, oil and chemical handling;
Project need;
Project alternative and site selection
Assessment of potential environmental impacts and mitigation;
Consistency with current health, environmental protection and resources use and development policies

Zoning Petition, 172 pgs.

App. A-D, 207 pgs.
Appendix A – Design Baseline, includes extensive technical info. including design baseline and criteria, LNG facility description, site layout and civil design, preliminary project schedule, preliminary drawings, HDR subsurface investigation report, vapor dispersion calculations, thermal radiation calculations & protection zone, component information.
Appendix B – Construction Safety Plan
Appendix C – Operational Safety Plan
Appendix D – Field Completion Memo

App. E-G, 63 pgs.
Includes traffic study, onsite construction activities, photos of existing conditions and wireframes of view of facility

DPU Motion reconsolidation*
EFSB Motion reconsolidation*
*These are motions to each department to consolidate the Siting Board and Zone Exemption Petitions into one proceeding



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