Other Pipeline News

» Manchin’s Mountain Valley Pipeline provision fails in Senate vote
By CHUCK VIPPERMAN, Chatham Star Tribune
December 22, 2022

» Public hearing on new Eversource gas pipeline
By WWPL Channel 22 News
December 14, 2022

» Eversource continues pitch for gas pipeline during public hearing despite unrelenting community pushback
By Stephanie Barry, Masslive.com, on MSN
December 14, 2022

» Cheap natural gas is a thing of the past
Not investing in more pipeline capacity looks to be right choice
By Frederick Hewett, CommonWealth Magazine | Opinion
November 27, 2022

» ‘Monstrous’ east African oil project will emit vast amounts of carbon, data shows
Experts say crude oil pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania will produce 25 times host nations’ combined annual emissions
By Damian Carrington, The Guardian
October 27, 2022

» Pressing Safety Concerns, Opponents of the Mountain Valley Pipeline Gear Up for the Next Round of Battle
Although a proposal to fast-track the natural gas project has been derailed in Congress, worries about pipe corrosion, landslides and other dangers remain omnipresent in West Virginia.
By Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News
October 7, 2022

» Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and API Take Issue with Important New Pipeline Safety Rule
By Kenneth Clarkson, Pipeline Safety Trust
September 29, 2022

» With Manchin’s Permitting Reform on Ice, Mountain Valley Pipeline Again Faces Uncertain Future
Senator Joe Manchin’s proposed permitting reform would have fast-tracked the troubled gas pipeline. The bill’s failure throws the project back into limbo.
By Nick Cunningham, DeSmog Blog
September 29, 2022

» 15K Miles of New Oil Pipelines Worldwide Show ‘Almost Deliberate Failure to Meet Climate Goals’
The United States is currently developing more new oil pipeline capacity than any other country, a global analysis shows.
By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams
September 27, 2022

» Canada Adds to Alarming Rise in Global Pipeline Construction
By Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix
September 25, 2022

» An unfinished natural gas pipeline in West Virginia is back in the national spotlight
By Laura Benshoff, NPR
September 6, 2022

» Dangerous Mountain Valley Pipeline Has No Place in Manchin’s Deal With Democrats
By Jacob Hileman, Truthout | Opinion
September 5, 2022

» ‘It’s a deal with the devil’: outrage in Appalachia over Manchin’s ‘vile’ pipeline plan
The fossil-fuel friendly senator has resurrected the Mountain Valley pipeline, leaving residents with a bitter pill to swallow
By Nina Lakhani and Oliver Milman, The Guardian
August 26, 2022

» Why did FERC just give the dirty Mountain Valley Pipeline a 4-year lifeline?
By Nexus Media News, in RedGreenandBlue.org
August 25, 2022

» No One Owes Joe Manchin Anything
Acting on climate doesn’t entitle him to the pipeline of his choice
By Bill McKibben, Substack.com | Opinion
August 11, 2022

» Manchin’s Donors Include Pipeline Giants That Win in His Climate Deal
The controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline is one of several projects the senator has negotiated major concessions for, benefiting his financial supporters.
By Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times
August 7, 2022

» Manchin Won a Pledge From Democrats to Finish a Contested Pipeline
To cement the senator’s support for a climate and tax package, party leaders promised to pass a law to complete the line and to prioritize some other fossil fuel projects.
By Lisa Friedman, New York Times
August 1, 2022

» Eversource pipeline opponents, trade unions clash over ending Springfield-Longmeadow project
By Patrick Johnson, MassLive
July 28, 2022

» Springfield City Council urges rejection of Eversource pipeline project
Utility seeks state approval for a new natural gas pipeline from Longmeadow to Springfield
By Paul Tuthill, WAMC Northeast Public Radio
July 27, 2022

» Springfield City Council opposes Eversource natural gas pipeline proposal
By Patrick Johnson, MassLive
July 26, 2022

» Western Mass. legislators slam Eversource pipeline through Longmeadow, Springfield as dangerous
By Patrick Johnson, MassLive
July 12, 2022

» Regulators: No Enbridge Line 5 tunnel decision without more safety info
By Kelly House, Bridge Michigan
July 7, 2022

» Springfield City Council will consider resolution opposing Eversource gas pipeline expansion
By MassLive
July 6, 2022

» Why Sen. Lesser and advocacy groups don’t want the Eversource backup pipeline
By Juliet Schulman-Hall, MassLive
June 24, 2022

» Environmental officials visit proposed pipeline site to review impacts in Springfield and Longmeadow
By Kayleigh Thomas, WWLP Channel 22 News
June 21, 2022

» Ontario Regulator Refuses New Pipeline, Tells Enbridge to Plan for Lower Gas Demand
By Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix
May 29, 2022

» $40 million natural gas pipeline roasted by area groups
By Dave Canton, MassLive, in The Business Journal
April 9, 2022

» FERC Says it Will Consider Greenhouse Gas Emissions and ‘Environmental Justice’ Impacts in Approving New Natural Gas Pipelines
Environmentalists applauded the shifts in policy, while one Senate natural gas advocate said the guidelines would make approvals for new pipelines “next to impossible.”
By Zoha Tunio, Inside Climate News
March 21, 2022

» Manchin Lying about Mountain Valley Pipeline, Says Landowner
Residents in its path know the true story
By Paula Mann, The Appalachian Chronicle
March 12, 2022

» Global Gas Pipeline Boom Poses Climate, Financial Disaster
“The fact that nearly half-a-trillion dollars of gas pipelines are in development makes no sense economically as many of these projects will become stranded assets as the world transitions to renewables.”
By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams
February 22, 2022

» Eversource establishes gas reliability project plan, despite concerns
By Sarah Heinonen and Matt Conway, The Reminder
February 18, 2022

» Another blow to the Mountain Valley Pipeline
It’s Monday, February 7, and a federal court is dealing blow after blow to a natural gas pipeline.
By Emily Pontecorvo, Grist
February 7, 2022

» Federal Court Rejects Mountain Valley Pipeline Permit
By Nadia Ramlagan, Public News Service
February 7, 2022

» Carbon dioxide pipelines planned for Minnesota fall into regulatory black hole
Two multibillion-dollar pipelines would ship CO2 produced by ethanol plants to other states for underground storage.
By Mike Hughlett, Star Tribune
February 5, 2022

» New Fossil Fuel Project Would Turn Uganda Into Oil-Producing Country
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
February 2, 2022

» How Climate and the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Undergirds the Ukraine-Russia Standoff
Russia’s $11 billion natural gas conduit to Germany is a by-product of Donald Trump’s pro-Putin foreign policy—and a real headache for President Biden.
By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News
January 30, 2022

» Mountain Valley Pipeline loses permit to cross through Jefferson National Forest
By Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times
January 25, 2022

» Michigan Groups Raise Safety, Financial Concerns Around Line 5 Tunnel Proposal
January 24, 2022

» Longmeadow Select Board unsatisfied with Eversource’s pipeline answers
By Sarah Heinonen, The Reminder
January 12, 2022

» Pipeline expert warns of Line 5 tunnel explosion risk, Enbridge balks
By Sheri McWhirter, MLive
January 7, 2022

» Pipelines keep robbing the land long after the bulldozers leave
A flurry of new research shows the long-term effects of pipelines on crop yields.
By Jena Brooker, Grist
January 7, 2022

» Eversource natural gas pipeline proposal listening session held in Springfield
By Ashley Shook, Nick Aresco, WWLP Channel 22 News
December 14, 2021

» Right-Wing Group Uses ‘B.S.’ Environmental Justice Argument in Effort to Keep an Oil Pipeline Alive
A D.C.-based think tank with ties to fossil fuel money claims that shutting down the aging Line 5 pipeline would hurt Black communities in Michigan. Community activists say otherwise.
By Nick Cunningham, DeSmog Blog
November 23, 2021

» City Councilor Lederman calls for cost benefit analysis on gas pipeline proposal in Springfield
By Waleed Azad, WWLP.com, 22 News
November 15, 2021

» Line 3 resistance to take to the air with thermal imaging of pipeline
They contend thermal imaging will show potential damage.
By Jennifer Bjorhus, Star Tribune
November 15, 2021

» Concern about gas pipeline proposed from Longmeadow to Springfield
By And Another Thing Team, NEPM
November 3, 2021

» A Russian Pipeline Changes Direction, and Energy Politics Come to the Fore
Amid an energy crunch in Europe, one of Russia’s largest natural gas pipelines began pulling gas out of Western Europe back eastward, Russian news agencies reported.
By Andrew E. Kramer, New York Times
October 30, 2021

» Amid debate over natural gas, Connecticut ratepayers are subsidizing new connections
State regulators are exploring ways to modify a program that was designed to convert oil heating customers to natural gas. Consumer and clean energy groups say the program should be scrapped altogether.
By Lisa Prevost, Energy News Network
October 25, 2021

» As state law requires steep emissions cuts, utilities face an urgent quandary: to build or not to build new gas pipelines?
By David Abel, Boston Globe
October 19, 2021

» Renewed interest in pipeline project raises questions from city councilors
By Leon Purvis and Olivia Hickey, Western Mass News
October 14, 2021

» Springfield councilor to meet with Eversource on proposed gas pipeline
By Peter Goonan, MassLive
October 12, 2021

» Michigan tribes to Biden: Enbridge Line 5 threatens our treaty rights
By Kelly House, Bridge Michigan
October 12, 2021

» Line 5 opponents criticize Canada’s treaty maneuver, ask Biden to reject move
By Sheri McWhirter, MLive
October 12, 2021

» Canada invokes 1977 treaty with US as dispute over pipeline intensifies
Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer says Line 5 of pipeline is a ‘ticking time bomb’ and has ordered it shut down
By Leyland Cecco, The Guardian
October 6, 2021

» Pa. charges Energy Transfer with environmental crimes over Mariner East pipeline project
October 5, 2021

» Canada invokes 1977 pipeline treaty with U.S. over Line 5 dispute
By Nia Williams and Sebastien Malo, Reuters
October 4, 2021

» As Massachusetts envisions a fossil fuel-free future, gas companies are quietly investing billions in pipelines
By Sabrina Shankman, Boston Globe
October 3, 2021

» PennEast Pipeline Cancelation Could Signal ‘End of an Era’ for Unnecessary Fossil Fuel Projects
The pipeline would have crossed more than 88 waterways, 44 wetlands, 30 parks, and 33 conservation easements. Experts say the cancelation demonstrates that federal regulators must stop approving gas pipelines that fail to show they are needed in the first place.
By Nick Cunningham, DeSmog Blog
September 30, 2021

» Another U.S. Pipeline Project Collapses
By Charles Kennedy, Oil Price
September 28, 2021

» PennEast cancels natural gas pipeline project; cites lack of environmental permits from N.J.
By Susan Phillips, WHYY
September 27, 2021

» Tribes: Dakota Access Pipeline review company has conflict of interest
By Associated Press
September 25, 2025

» PennEast shelves plan to build pipeline on public lands in New Jersey
By Jon Hurdle, NJ Spotlight, on WHYY
September 23, 2021

» Dakota Access pipeline asks U.S. Supreme Court to scrap environmental study order
By Devika Krishna Kumar, Reuters
September 21, 2021

» Liberals say Trans Mountain pipeline could stay open until 2060
By Brian Hill, Global News
September 14, 2021

» Federal judge rejects permits for ConocoPhillips’ Willow oil project
By James Brooks, Anchorage Daily News
August 19, 2021

» US judge throws out Trump-era approval for giant Alaska oil project
By Associated Press, in The Guardian
August 18, 2021

» Court Blocks a Vast Alaskan Drilling Project, Citing Climate Dangers
The multibillion-dollar ConocoPhillips plan, known as Willow, was approved under the Trump administration and then legally supported by the Biden administration.
By Coral Davenport, New York Times
August 18, 2021

» Federal judge throws out U.S. approval of ConocoPhillips Alaska oil project
By Reuters
August 18, 2021

» Joining Fight Against Line 3, Health Professionals Urge Biden to Block Project
“It is essentially science denial to permit a pipeline of this magnitude during a climate crisis.”
By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams
August 17, 2021

» FERC releases Mountain Valley Pipeline environmental statement
By Paul J. Gough , Pittsburgh Business Times
August 16, 2021

» PennEast was suing 70 property owners to get land to build its natural gas pipeline. This week it suddenly stopped, citing regulatory and legal hurdles
By Peter Hall, The Morning Call
August 10, 2021

» Line 5 pipeline between U.S. and Canada could cause ‘devastating damage’ to Great Lakes, say environmentalists
Canadian officials siding with Enbridge to keep pipeline running despite Michigan’s claims it is unsafe
By Samantha Beattie, CBC News
August 3, 2021

» Federal Regulators Take Enforcement Action Against Dakota Access Pipeline
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flags concerns about safety violations
By Becca Bowe, Earthjustice
July 22, 2021

» EPA Warns of Mountain Valley Pipeline Impact on Streams, Says Project Should Not Receive Water Permit
The natural gas pipeline already has hundreds of water quality violations. Opponents are hopeful the EPA’s warning brings the project’s cancelation closer.
By Nick Cunningham, DeSmog Blog
July 14, 2021

» Thawing Permafrost has Damaged the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and Poses an Ongoing Threat
The pipeline operator is repairing damage to its supports caused by a sliding slope of permafrost, and installing chillers to keep the ground around it frozen.
By David Hasemyer, Inside Climate News
July 11, 2021

» Requiem for a Pipeline: Keystone XL Transformed the Environmental Movement and Shifted the Debate over Energy and Climate
Its beginnings coincided with a booming oil market, but the pipeline also made a perfect target for activists demanding an end to fossil fuels.
By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News
June 20, 2021

» Pipeline moves forward, Longmeadow Select Board approves MSBA requests
By Sarah Heinonen, The Reminder
June 16, 2021

» Transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is necessary, inevitable (Guest viewpoint)
By Marty Nathan, MD, MassLive
June 16, 2021

» Enbridge oil line scores a key win as Minnesota court affirms approval
By Nia Williams, Reuters
June 14, 2021

» The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Dead. Next Target: Line 3.
By Bill McKibben, New York Times | Opinion
June 11, 2021

» Former Corporate Lawyer Set to Lead Army Corps of Engineers as Planet Sizzles
Michael Connor of WilmerHale has been appointed to run a surprisingly important agency in efforts to mitigate the climate crisis.
By Dorothy Slater, The American Prospect
June 7, 2021

» The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Officially Dead
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
June 10, 2021

» Biden’s Pipeline Dilemma: How to Build a Clean Energy Future While Shoring Up the Present’s Carbon-Intensive Infrastructure
After Colonial’s cyber-attack and shutdown, he can’t ignore pipelines’ problems, but environmental groups want more aggressive action.
By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News
May 14, 2021

» Enbridge continues Straits pipeline operation, defying Gov. Whitmer’s deadline
By Keith Matheny, Detroit Free Press
May 12, 2021

» Michigan orders closure of pipeline in escalating dispute with Canada
While the governor says the line is a ‘ticking timebomb’, the company says Line 5 has never experienced a leak
By Leyland Cecco, The Guardian
May 11, 2021

» New Lawsuit Challenges ‘Fast-Track’ Permits Used for Oil and Gas Pipelines Nationwide
For nearly a decade, pipeline companies have relied on the contested Nationwide Permit 12 when their projects cross waterbodies in the U.S.
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
May 5, 2021

» Explainer: The Dakota Access Pipeline faces possible closure
By Stephanie Kelly and Devika Kumar, Reuters
May 4, 2021

» 17 state leaders join Michigan’s plea for state sovereignty in Line 5 battle
By Beth LeBlanc, The Detroit News
April 23, 2021

» Will Biden Cancel Minnesota’s Line 3 Oil Pipeline?
President Biden’s climate plan will greatly reduce the need for future oil pipelines, but in the meantime Minnesota’s Line 3 hangs in the balance.
By Colleen Connolly, The American Prospect
April 22, 2021

» Total’s East African oil pipeline to go ahead despite stiff opposition
By Mongabay
April 19, 2021

» Can a pipeline company defy a governor’s orders? Gretchen Whitmer is about to find out.
The ongoing battle between North America’s largest mover of oil, Enbridge Energy, and the state of Michigan.
By Jena Brooker, Grist
April 7, 2021

» Is the Line 5 tunnel a bridge to Michigan’s energy future or a bad deal?
By Kelly House & Bridge Michigan & Lester Graham, Michigan Public Radio
April 1, 2021

» Ohio, Louisiana argue against Line 5 shutdown in federal court
By Garret Ellison, mlive.com
March 22, 2021

» Whistleblower Claims Dangerous Defects in Pipeline for Shell’s Pennsylvania Plastics Plant
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
March 18, 2021

» Gov. Whitmer offers propane plan for Upper Peninsula after Line 5 shutdown
By Kelly House, Bridge Michigan
March 12, 2021

» DAPL has reached a crucial crossroads. Here’s a guide to North Dakota’s bitter pipeline dispute
If you haven’t followed every turn in the Dakota Access Pipeline’s federal court hearings, here’s an up-to-date primer on the years-long pipeline saga.
By Adam Willis, Inforum
March 10, 2021

» Canadian minister: Use of Straits of Mackinac oil pipeline ‘nonnegotiable’
By Keith Matheny, Detroit Free Press
March 8, 2021

» The next big oil pipeline battle is brewing over Line 3 in Minnesota
By Hari Sreenivasan, PBS NewsHour
March 6, 2021

» Line 5 ‘very different’ from Keystone XL and Canada will fight hard for it: O’Regan
‘The operation of Line 5 is non-negotiable,’ said natural resources minister
By James McCarten, CBC
March 4, 2021

» 30 years later, echoes of largest inland oil spill remain in Line 3 fight
By Dan Kraker and Kirsti Marohn, Minnesota Public Radio
March 3, 2021

» Between Oil And Water: The Issue With Enbridge’s Line 5
By Jaclyn Pahl, Organization for World Peace
March 3, 2021

» Time To Consider The Worst-Case Scenario For Dakota Access: A Look At Energy Transfer And Phillips 66 Partners
By Seeking Alpha
February 17, 2021

» Enbridge Line 3 construction costs increase by $1.1 billion
Regulatory delays, COVID-19, winter and additional environmental measures add up, mostly on the Minnesota segment.
By Jimmy Lovrien, Duluth News Tribune
February 15, 2021

» Biden administration asks for more time to decide whether to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline
By Rachel Frazin, The Hill
February 9, 2021

» Why there’s now a push to secure the future of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline
Experts say Canada has lessons to learn from Line 5 about dealing with the U.S. on energy projects
By Elise von Scheel, CBC News
February 5, 2021

» After Court Rules Dakota Access Pipeline Operating Illegally, Dems Demand Biden Shut It Down
“You can continue to show your administration values the environment and the rights of Indigenous communities more than the profits of outdated fossil fuel industries.”
By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams
February 5, 2021

» $1 Trillion in Oil and Gas Pipelines Worldwide Could Become Stranded Assets, New Report Warns
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
February 4, 2021

» In pushing for Line 5 shutdown, Bad River Band points to alternative route
The Chippewa tribe in northern Wisconsin says Enbridge could reduce the risk to the Great Lakes by diverting Line 5 oil to another line that runs south to Illinois.
By Patrick Shea, Energy News Network
Photo By U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
February 4, 2021

» After ‘Bitterly Disappointing’ Court Ruling on Line 3, Biden Urged to Shut Down Pipeline Project ‘Once and for All’
After a Minnesota court allowed construction to continue, Rep. Ilhan Omar appealed to President Joe Biden to stop the contentious project.
By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams
February 3, 2021

» Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline. Good, but he doesn’t get a climate pass just yet
Democrats’ climate record is mixed – and it’s largely pressure from Indigenous and environmental groups that’s pushed them to act
By Nick Estes, The Guardian | Opinion
January 28, 2021

» Appeals Court Agrees that Dakota Access Pipeline River Crossing Is Illegal
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
January 27, 2021

» Regulatory route becomes more complicated for Mountain Valley Pipeline
By Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times
January 24, 2021

» Keystone XL decision delights tribes, dismays Canada
‘President Biden’s action is the result of the relentless work and dedication from tribes and grassroots organizers’
Indian Country Today
January 22, 2021

» ‘No more broken treaties’: indigenous leaders urge Biden to shut down Dakota Access pipeline
Tribes and environmentalists hail decision to cancel Keystone XL pipeline but call on president to go further
By Nina Lakhani, The Guardian
January 21, 2021

» After a decade of struggle, Keystone XL may be sold for scrap
By Alexandria Herr, Grist
January 20, 2021

» Federal energy commission opts not to consider PennEast Pipeline a day before Biden becomes president
By Caroline Fassett, NJ.com
January 19, 2021

» Michigan Pipeline Fight Intensifies as Permit Deadline Nears
Enbridge is defying Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s move to shut down the Line 5 underwater pipeline, which environmentalists and tribes fear could cause an environmental disaster.
By Andrew Blok, Drilled News
January 14, 2021

» Regulators get plan for undoing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
By Sarah Rankin, Associated Press, on PBS News Hour
January 5, 2021

» Ojibwe bands ask appeals court to stop Enbridge Line 3 construction
The Red Lake and White Earth bands filed suit, the second such filing in a week by pipeline opponents.
By Mike Hughlett, Star Tribune
December 30, 2020

» Mountain Valley Pipeline faces political, regulatory changes in 2021
By Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times
December 27, 2020

» Environmental groups make another legal attack on Mountain Valley Pipeline
By Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times
December 22, 2020

» Federal Regulators Are Rewriting Environmental Rules So a Massive Pipeline Can Be Built
Federal regulators and West Virginia agencies are rewriting environmental rules again to pave the way for construction of a major natural gas pipeline across Appalachia, even after an appeals court blocked the pipeline for the second time.
By Ken Ward Jr., ProPublica
December 8, 2020

» State utility regulators vote against a stay on Enbridge pipeline project
Red Lake and White Earth bands hoped to halt construction while awaiting resolution of appeals.
By Brooks Johnson Star Tribune
December 4, 2020

» Federal agency refuses to extend construction deadline for National Fuel pipeline
By Thomas J. Prohaska, The Buffalo News
December 2, 2020

» When Can Pipelines Take Private Land? Jordan Cove LNG Project a Test for Eminent Domain
By Nick Cunningham, DeSmog Blog
November 24, 2020

» Tribes have not met ‘high bar’ for Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown, Corps says
By AMY R. SISK, Bismarck Tribune
November 23, 2020

» Minnesota Pollution Control Agency advisers quit over pipeline permit
By Jennifer Bjorhus, Star Tribune
November 18, 2020

» ‘This Is a Really, Really Big Deal’: Michigan Gov. Moves to Shut Down Line 5 Pipeline to Protect Great Lakes
Enbridge has imposed on the people of Michigan an unacceptable risk of a catastrophic oil spill in the Great Lakes that could devastate our economy and way of life.”
By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams
November 13, 2020

» Top US banks still propping up Mountain Valley fracked-gas pipeline boondoggle
By David Turnbull, Oil Change International
November 12, 2020

» Future of Dakota Access pipeline uncertain as Biden presidency looms
By Laila Kearney, Reuters
November 12, 2020

» Mountain Valley Pipeline faces another legal roadblock. What does that mean for the long-embattled project?
By Sarah Vogelsong, Virginia Mercury
November 12, 2020

» Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Files Request to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline
By Native News Online
October 22, 2020

» Tribes make new move to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline
By Associated Press
October 20, 2020

» Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Clears Hurdle To Doubling Capacity
By Charles Kennedy, Oil Price
October 16, 2020

» ‘Safe and reliable’: Eversource says Agawam, Longmeadow pipeline projects necessary after acquiring Columbia Gas
By Jim Kinney, MassLive
October 13, 2020

» Too Much Sun Degrades Coatings That Keep Pipes From Corroding, Risking Leaks, Spills and Explosions
Pipeline installation delays leave pipes stored longer than recommended aboveground, where UV light can deteriorate the coatings that prevent corrosion.
By Phil McKenna, InsideClimate News
October 11, 2020

» After Dakota Access CEO gave $10M, Trump pushed secret pipeline permits
By Steve Horn, Real News Network
September 29, 2020

» State legislators update Westborough officials on Eversource project
By By Jennifer L. Grybowski, Community Advocate
September 24, 2020

» Nearly One Million People Sign Petition to Stop Total’s East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline ‘Madness’
By Maina Waruru, DeSmog UK
September 21, 2020

» MassDEP, activists differ on impact from Tennessee Gas pipeline incidents in Agawam
By Peter Goonan, MassLive
September 18, 2020

» Over 43,000 Demand Feds Reject Fracked Gas Mountain Valley Pipeline Permit Extension
By Collin Rees, Oil Change International
September 14, 2020

» Report: Black households spend almost 50 percent more on utilities than white households
By Angely Mercado, Grist
September 10, 2020

» BP, Major Wall Street Banks Want Carbon Pricing Policy In U.S.
By Tsvetana Paraskova, Oil Price
September 10, 2020

» Coal and Gas Burning Countries Set to Gain from EU Just Transition Fund
By Phoebe Cooke, DeSmog UK
September 9, 2020

» Dakota Access Pipeline Faces Legal Challenge In Illinois
Podcast, The 21st Show
September 8, 2020

» Corps weighs Dakota Access easement options, plans to begin environmental review process
By Amy R. Sisk, Bismarck Tribune
August 31, 2020

» More Gas Pipelines Scrapped Than Put In Service In H1 2020
By Charles Kennedy, oilprice.com
August 24, 2020

» Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Inches Forward, But Opposition Intensifies
By Nick Cunningham, DeSmog Blog
August 14, 2020

» North Carolina Denies Key Water Permit to Mountain Valley Pipeline Extension
Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
August 12, 2020

» Appeals Court Halts Dakota Access Pipeline Shutdown Order
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
August 6, 2020

» Even if oil and gas disappear, pipelines are here to stay
People with pipelines on their land are worried about what happens when they’re abandoned
By Justine Calma, The Verge
Photo by Johannes Eisele / AFP via Getty Images
August 6, 2020

» Dakota Access Pipeline Saga Stalls Oil Production Recovery In The Bakken
By Tsvetana Paraskova, oilprice.com
July 29, 2020

» Ashland Select Board wins court case against Eversource over gas pipeline
By Cesareo Contreras, MetroWest Daily News
July 23, 2020

» Land use permit for Jordan Cove pipeline is reversed
By Amanda Slee, KCBY.com
July 21, 2020

» Ashland Select Board requests AG’s aid in Eversource pipeline fight
By Cesareo Contreras, Metrowest Daily News
July 20, 2020

» Court Rules Bayou Bridge Pipeline ‘Trampled’ Rights of Louisiana Landowners
By Dana Drugmand, DeSmog Blog
July 17, 2020

» President Trump just made it harder to stop new pipelines
Trump moved to speed up the permitting process for major infrastructure projects
By Justine Calma, The Verge
July 15, 2020

» Return of the Bomb Trains
By Justin Mikulka, DeSmog Blog
July 12, 2020

» Energy Transfer Launches Appeals Following Court Order to Shut Down Dakota Access Pipeline
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
July 9, 2020

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline win was a hard-earned victory. Beware industry and government’s revisionist history.
By Lorne Stockman, Oil Change International
July 8, 2020

» Judge Orders Dakota Access Pipeline to Shut Down Pending Full Environmental Review
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
July 7, 2020

» “A Dream That Comes True”: Standing Rock Elder Hails Order to Shut Down DAPL After Years of Protest
By Democracy Now
July 07, 2020

» Grim Day for Pipelines Shows They’re Almost Impossible to Build
By Rachel Adams-Heard and Ellen M. Gilmer, Bloomberg, via Yahoo Finance
July 6, 2020

» ‘Wrong Pipeline In The Wrong Place’ — Nationwide Litigation Could Affect Permian Highway Pipeline
By Dominic Anthony Walsh, Texas Public Radio
July 6, 2020

» Dakota Access pipeline shutdown may revive oil-by-rail industry
Laila Kearney and Devika Krishna Kumar, Reuters
July 6, 2020

» Court orders a shut down and removal of oil from the Dakota Access Pipeline
By Indian Country Today
July 6, 2020

» Federal judge orders Dakota Access pipeline to close
The order is the second major setback to the U.S. pipeline industry in as many days.
By BEN LEFEBVRE,  Politico
July 6, 2020

» Judge suspends Dakota Access pipeline over environmental concerns
By Associated Press, in The Guardian
July 6, 2020

» In Yet Another Blow to Keystone XL, Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Revive Key Water Crossing Permit
Court Rejects Push from Trump Admin to Allow Construction of KXL Through Waterways Amid Appeal
By Sierra Club
July 6, 2020

» Supreme Court Won’t Block Ruling to Halt Work on Keystone XL Pipeline
But the justices stayed the rest of a federal trial judge’s ruling striking down a permit program, allowing construction of other pipelines around the nation.
By Adam Liptak, New York Times
July 6, 2020

» Duke, Dominion cancel $8B Atlantic Coast Pipeline
By Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
July 6, 2020

» Duke Energy, Dominion abandon the $8 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline
By John Downey, Charlotte Business Journal
July 5, 2020

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline Canceled Following Years of Legal Challenges
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
July 6, 2020

» Dominion cancels Atlantic Coast Pipeline, sells natural gas transmission business
By MICHAEL MARTZ, Richmond Times-Dispatch
July 5, 2020

» Family that lost hundreds of trees to failed pipeline project settles with company, gets land back
Constitution pipeline builder cut 558 trees to make way for line that never got built
By Susan Phillips, NPR – State Impact
July 3, 2020

» Supreme Court clears way for Atlantic Coast Pipeline to cross Appalachian Trail
By Lyndsey Gilpin, Grist
June 15, 2020

» Shell’s Falcon Pipeline Dogged by Issues with Drilling and Permit Uncertainty During Pandemic
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
June 15, 2020

» ‘Historic First’: Nebraska Farmers Return Land to Ponca Tribe in Effort to Block Keystone XL
By Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams, in EcoWatch
June 15, 2018

» Fast-Track Permits Stay Blocked for Keystone XL, Other Pipes
By Ellen M. Gilmer, Bloomberg Law
May 28, 2020

» A Major Oil Pipeline Project Strikes Deep at the Heart of Africa
Despite the global plunge in oil prices, a major pipeline that would carry oil 900 miles across East Africa is moving ahead. International experts warn that the $20 billion project will displace thousands of small farmers and put key wildlife habitat and coastal waters at risk.
By Fred Pearce, Yale Environment 360
May 21, 2020

» Biden White House would yank Keystone XL permit
The Monday statement is the first from Biden’s campaign about how he would handle the project.
By Ben Lefebvre, Politico
May 18, 2020

» New York Rejects Williams Pipeline Over Water, Climate Concerns
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch
May 18, 2020

» Lawsuit says western Massachusetts pipeline approval ignored climate risk
Environmental groups behind the lawsuit say federal regulators violated a 2017 court ruling when they approved the project.
By Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network
May 12, 2020

» Big Oil Fears Keystone XL Ruling Means End of Easy Pipeline Permits
By Steve Horn, DeSmog Blog
May 3, 2020

» After Keystone Ruling, Corps of Engineers Suspends Key U.S. Project Permit
By Mary B. Powers, Engineering News-Record
April 26, 2020

» Keystone XL Pipeline Ruling Could Hamper U.S. Energy Project Permits
Federal judge vacates Army Corps Nationwide Permit 12
By Pam Radtke Russell, Engineering News-Record
April 17, 2020

» No need for natural gas pipeline across Raritan Bay, environmental report says
By Bob Makin, Bridgewater Courier News
April 9, 2020

» Construction Begins on Keystone XL Pipeline in Montana
By Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch
April 07, 2020

» Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Some Pipeline Projects Push Forward While Others Falter Nationwide
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
April 3, 2020

» Dakota access pipeline: court strikes down permits in victory for Standing Rock Sioux
Army corps of engineers ordered to conduct full environmental review, which could take years
By Nina Lakhani, The Guardian
March 25, 2020

» A Federal Court Delivers a Victory for Sioux Tribe, Another Blow for the Dakota Access Pipeline
Prior environmental assessments of the pipeline were inadequate, the judge ruled, sending the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers back to do a more exhaustive review.
By Phil McKenna, InsideClimate News
March 25, 2020

» Federal Judge Tosses Dakota Access Pipeline Permits, Orders Full Environmental Review
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
March 25, 2020

» ‘Huge Victory’ for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as Federal Court Rules DAPL Permits Violated Law
“This is what the tribe has been fighting for many months. Their fearless organizing continues to change the game.”
By Julia Conley, Common Dreams
March 25, 2020

» Pennsylvania’s orders to stem coronavirus outbreak pause several gas pipeline projects
By Maya Weber & Jason Lindquist, SP Global
March 25, 2020

» Bad news about FERC & Jordan Cove
By Drew Hudson, 198 Methods
March 20, 2020

» EIA Anticipates Pipelines Will Increase Natural Gas Deliverability in New England
By Pipeline Town Hall
March 19, 2020

» Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch warns of unintended consequences in Atlantic Coast Pipeline case
By Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
February 25, 2020

» Major Pennsylvania-New York gas pipeline scrapped
By Paul J. Gough, Pittsburgh Business Times
February 24, 2020

» Williams scraps Constitution Pipeline project
By Carl Surran, Seeking Alpha
February 21, 2020

» Constitution Pipeline Project Scrapped
Victory: Decision is a major win for advocates fighting to protect clean water and our climate
By Moneen Nasmith, Staff Attorney, Earthjustice
February 21, 2020

» Energy giant backs out of Constitution Pipeline
By Joe Mahoney, The Daily Star
February 21, 2020

» Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!
By Anne Marie Garti, Stop the Pipeline
February 20, 2020

» Natural gas pipeline proposal fractures Oregon community
By Christopher Booker, Connie Kargbo, Sam Weber, PBS
February 9, 2020

» A Seven-Mile Gas Pipeline Outside Albany Has Activists up in Arms
National Grid says the project is needed to meet rising demand, but opponents see it as a means of connecting two interstate pipelines and boosting their capacities.
By Kristoffer Tigue, InsideClimate News
February 3, 2020

» AP: FBI eyes how Pennsylvania approved pipeline
Marc Levy, The Associated Press in WITF
November 12, 2019

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline waiting on Supreme Court, but natural gas debate in SC continues
By Andrew Brown, The Post and Courier
October 13, 2019

» Two New Jersey lawmakers ask FERC for hold on PennEast gas line work after 3rd Circuit setback
By Maya Weber, S&P Global
October 10, 2019

» Bayou Bridge Pipeline Construction Mess Poses Major Risk to Atchafalaya Basin
By Julie Dermansky, DeSmog Blog
October 10, 2019

» Supreme Court to take on Atlantic Coast Pipeline appeal
By Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
October 7, 2019

» SUPREME COURT: 4 pipeline fights to watch this term
By Niina H. Farah, E&E News
September 30, 2019

» The $109 Million Lobbying Effort To Run A Pipeline Through National Treasures
The proposed 600-mile-long Atlantic Coast Pipeline would bisect the Appalachian Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway and a pair of national forests.
By Frank Bass, Huffington Post
September 25, 2019

» PennEast pipeline: NJ wins appeal against condemnation of state land
By Mike Deak, Bridgewater Courier News
September 10, 2019

» New Jersey wins legal challenge to PennEast natgas pipeline
By Scott DiSavino, Reuters
September 10, 2019

» Will the Constitution Pipeline get built?
The fight over the controversial pipeline is heading for federal court.
By ZACH WILLIAMS, City & State New York
September 8, 2019

» FERC puts Constitution Pipeline back on track, finding New York waived water authority
By Maya Weber, S&P Global
August 29, 2019

» Feds clear way for Constitution Pipeline in New York over state’s objection
By Chad Arnold, Albany Bureau, Democrat & Chronicle
August 29, 2019

» Why the Mountain Valley Pipeline is uniquely risky
By Jacob Hileman, Virginia Mercury – Opinion
August 22, 2019

» Columbia Gas Denied Right to Take Public Land for Potomac Pipeline
By Anne Meador, DC Media Group
August 21, 2019

» Standing Rock Asks Court to Shut Down Dakota Access Pipeline as Company Plans to Double Capacity
Several of the Democrats running for president are now pledging to revoke permits for both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines if elected.
By Phil McKenna, InsideClimate News
August 20, 2019

» DEC rejects National Fuel’s Northern Access Pipeline — again
By Thomas J. Prohaska, Buffalo News
August 10, 2019

» Limpert: Pipeline coating is dangerous
By William Limpert, Editorial, Roanoke Times
June 30, 2019

» Williams’ shale gas pipeline project denied key permit by New York regulator
By SeekingAlpha.com
May 16, 2019

» FERC approves controversial Williams fracked gas pipeline, putting fate of project in hands of NY Governor Cuomo and NJ Governor Murphy
By Lee Ziesche, Sane Energy
May 3, 2019

» PennEast pipeline: NJ says dozen historic sites on proposed route
By Mike Deak, Bridgewater Courier News
April 25, 2019

» Trump executive order could affect future of stalled Constitution Pipeline
By Amy Sisk, WESA, via NPR State Impact
April 11, 2019

» Appeals court allows quick-take of land for Mountain Valley Pipeline
By Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times
February 5, 2019

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline delayed to 2020, Dominion adds $1B to cost estimate
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
February 4, 2019

» The Vanishing Need for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
Growing Risk That the Pipeline Will Not Be Able to Recover Costs From Ratepayers
By Lorne Stockman, Oil Change International
January 29, 2019

» Energy Transfer Uses Workaround to Open Mariner East 2 Pipeline Amid Hazard Worries, Criminal Investigation
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
January 3, 2019

» With Hogan ‘no’ vote, Maryland board rejects Columbia Gas pipeline expansion
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
January 3, 2019

» Quoting Dr. Seuss, federal court rejects pipeline’s effort to cross Appalachian Trail
“Significantly, during the briefing of this case, a landslide in Marshall County, West Virginia, caused the Columbia pipeline — highlighted by the Forest Service for its safety and stability — to rupture and explode.”
By John Murawski, Associated Press in nola.com
December 15, 2018

» Quoting ‘The Lorax,’ Court Pulls Permit For Pipeline Crossing Appalachian Trail
By Laurel Wamsley, NPR
December 14, 2018

» Mountain Valley Pipeline sued, Atlantic Coast Pipeline halted
By Kim Slowey, Utility Dive
December 12, 2018

» Judge says ‘last holdout’ must grant PennEast Pipeline access to Carbon County property
By Christina Tatu, The Morning Call
December 11, 2018

» In first, Virginia regulators reject Dominion Integrated Resource Plan
By Gavin Bade, Utility Dive
December 10 2018

» 4th US Circuit again halts major natural gas pipeline project permit
By Maya Weber, SPGlobal.com
December 7, 2018

» West Clarksville couple wins eminent domain appeal on Northern Access Pipeline
By Rick Miller, Olean Times Herald
November 15, 2018

» Judge Blocks the Disputed Keystone XL Pipeline in a Setback for Trump’s Energy Agenda
By Lisa Friedman, New York Times
November 9, 2018

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline ordered to temporarily suspend waterbody crossings in two WV counties
By Charles Young, The Exponent Telegram
November 8, 2018

» 4th Circuit orders temporary halt to Atlantic Coast Pipeline
By Kate Mishkin, Charleston Gazette-Mail
November 7, 2018

» Gas pipeline planned for waters off Island coast triggers environmental concerns; forum set
By Kristin F. Dalton, silive.com
October 27, 2018

» Energy Transfer: New Name for Pipeline Company But Same Spills and Violence Against Protesters, Says Greenpeace Report
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
October 24, 2018

» ANALYSIS: Otis State Forest pipeline battle set troubling precedents for state-protected land
By Mary Douglas, The Berkshire Edge
October 22, 2018

» The Quiet but Furious Nationwide War Against Pipelines
From Appalachia to Louisiana, mostly ignored by the media, activists have been putting themselves in the path of bulldozers.
By Madeline ffitch, Vice.com
October 11, 2018

» Court vacates pipeline stream-crossing permits in West Virginia
By Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times
October 2, 2018

» MVP pellets rain down on organic farm
Haley Brown, WVVA.com
September 26, 2018

» Legislators updated on two, billion-dollar pipeline projects
By John Dahlia NCWV MEDIA Business Editor, WVNews.com
September 18, 2018

» MarkWest Liberty NGL Pipeline LLC announces binding open season
By Kevin Randolph, Pennsylvania Business Report
September 13, 2018

» The Fight to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline Continues—in the Bayous of Louisiana
Time is running out for the Louisiana water protectors, but they’re not giving up.
By Anya Kamenetz, The Nation
September 6, 2018

» FERC staff authorizes construction on Mountain Valley Pipeline
Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
August 30, 2018

» “Finally, its Final!”: Governor Northam’s Advisory Council Calls for Moratorium on Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines
By lowkell, Blue Virginia News
August 28, 2018

» South Portland’s Tar Sands Ban Upheld in a ‘David vs. Goliath’ Pipeline Battle
Citing Maine’s ‘home rule authority’ to protect public health, the small city took on Big Oil, which lined up behind a company challenging its tar sands ban.
By Sabrina Shankman, InsideClimate News
August 28, 2018

» Sask. chiefs announce support for Enbridge Line 3 pipeline
‘There might be backlash from my people,” says Chief Evan Taypotat
CBC News
August 21, 2018

» Time to Step Up Pressure Against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines
By Lorne Stockman, Earth Island Journal
August 15, 2018

» Plan to stabilize the shutdown Mountain Valley Pipeline approved by federal regulators
By Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times
August 13, 2018

» What Happens When a Pipeline Runs Afoul of Government Rules? Authorities Change the Rules.
Federal authorities halted work on the massive Mountain Valley Pipeline this month after an appeals court ruled that federal agencies neglected to follow environmental protections.
By Kate Mishkin and Ken Ward Jr., The Charleston Gazette-Mail, and Beena Raghavendran, ProPublica
August 10, 2018

» The Latest Pipeline Battle Is Ramping Up in New York
Communities once ravaged by Hurricane Sandy are now fighting the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline.
By Arvind Dilawar, The Nation
August 10, 2018  

» Tennesee Gas to beef up Agawam compressor and build two-mile pipeline loop
By Mary C. Serreze, MassLive
August 10, 2018

» Opponents of Enbridge Line 3 pipeline project file appeal
The Associated Press, St. Paul
August 8, 2018

» Why is an energy company asking for permission to destroy a masterpiece?
By Mike Tidwell, Washington Post Opinion
August 7, 2018

» Enbridge: Line 3 pipeline replacement 40% complete
Kallanish Energy
August 6, 2018

» Court tosses construction permits for Atlantic Coast Pipeline
By Gavin Bade, Utility Dive
August 6, 2018

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline can’t cross Blue Ridge Parkway, judge rules
By Craig Jarvis, News Observer
August 06, 2018

» Federal court throws out key Atlantic Coast Pipeline permit
Augusta Free Press
August 6, 2018

» Four energy cos. propose another Permian-to-Gulf Coast natural gas pipeline
Houston-based Targa Resources Corp. (NYSE: TRGP) and three other energy companies signed a letter of intent to jointly develop a natural gas pipeline from the Permian Basin to the Texas Gulf Coast.
By Olivia Pulsinelli  – Senior web editor, Houston Business Journal
August 5, 2018

» FERC orders work stopped on Mountain Valley Pipeline
By Paul J. Gough, Pittsburgh Business Times
August 4, 2018

» Environmental Activist Arrested and Placed in Solitary Confinement for Monitoring Pipeline Construction on Her Own Property
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmogBlog
August 3, 2018

» Fond du Lac Band open to Line 3 pipeline passing through reservation
By Jimmy Lovrien, InForum
August 2, 2018

» Court of Appeals decision could be end of legal options for opponents of Spectra Energy pipeline
By Max Bowen, WickedLocal.com
August 1, 2018

» Federal appeals court delivers blow to Mountain Valley Pipeline
By Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times
July 27, 2018

» Mountain Valley gas pipeline startup pushed to 2019 amid court fight with opponents
By Harry Weber, S&P Global
July 26, 2018

» Chris Kelly: Family loses maple trees to stalled pipeline project
By Chris Kelly, Scranton Times-Tribune
July 22, 2018

» Turbine-Powered Compression For Portland Xpress Project
*Increasing compression in Maine, with modifications to metering & regulation station in Dracut, MA
By GCM Staff, Gas Compression Magazine

July 15, 2018

» Protesters continue fight to stop Line 3 oil pipeline in Minnesota
By Nina Moini, Minnesota Public Radio
July 1, 2018

» Delco reissues pipeline study proposal
County Council is making slow progress on assessment to find out about potential dangers from Mariner East 2.
By Vinny Vella STAFF WRITER, Philadelphia Enquirer
June 27, 2018

» Williams wants regulators to extend time to build Constitution pipeline
Reuters Staff
June 25, 2018

» BREAKING: 4th Circuit Stays Essential Permit for Fracked Gas Mountain Valley Pipeline
Construction Activities Must Be Halted
Sierra Club Press Release
June 21, 2018

» TransCanada’s New ‘Best-In-Class’ Gas Pipeline Explodes in West Virginia, Causing Fiery Blast
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog
June 7, 2018

» Officials: W.Va. explosion was along newly installed natural gas line
By Anya Litvak and Karen Kane, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
June 7, 2018

» TransCanada Pipeline Explodes in West Virginia
By Lorraine Chow, Ecowatch.com
June 07, 2018

» How Sunoco’s Mariner East pipeline is affecting real estate prices in Pa.’s Chester and Delaware Counties
By Andrew Maykuth, Staff Writer, The Enquirer – Philly.com
June 1, 2018

» Canada’s Troubled Pipeline Projects
By Peter Kujawinski, New York Times Editorial
May 30, 2018

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline to Sideline 100 Miles of Construction in Virginia and West Virginia
Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch – reposted on DeSmog
May 24, 2018

» Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction begins with groundbreaking in Lewis County
By Charles Young, Staff Writer, WVNews
May 23, 2018

» EIA expects record natural gas pipeline capacity gains in Northeast
By Aaron Martin, Daily Energy Insider
May 22, 2018

» Northeast U.S. slated for record gas line buildout in 2018
By KallanishEnergy Daily News & Analysis
May 21, 2018

» Federal appeals court nullifies key permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline; construction could be halted
By Robert Zullo, Richmond Times-Dispatch
May 15, 2018

» Virginia Democrats release statement against Mountain Valley Pipeline, Atlantic Coast Pipeline
Jeff Williamson, WSLS 10
May 04, 2018

» TransCanada to start work on Keystone XL in Montana in fall 2018: letter
Reuters Staff
May 3, 2018

» Motion Challenges Fracked-gas Pipeline Threatening Ohio’s Only National Forest
Press Release, Center for Biological Diversity
May 1, 2018

» U.S. Supreme Court Offers No Relief for Constitution Pipeline, Rejects Appeal
By Natural Gas Intelligence
April 30, 2018

» The Tree Sitters: Activists Have Halted Pipeline Construction
By Mason Adams, Blueridge Outdoors
April 27, 2018

» Minn. court sides with climate change activists in pipeline case
By Elizabeth Dunbar, MPR News
Apr 23, 2018

» Crowd protests Boston’s proposed natural gas pipeline
Boston 25 News
April 22, 2018

» A Pipeline Eco Engineer Protests
By Steve Curwood, Living on Earth, heard on NPR
April 20, 2018

» A Massive Pipeline Is Being Planned in Oregon. But Local Landowners Won’t Go Down Without a Fight.
By Kate Wheeling, Pacific Standard Magazine
April 12, 2018

» Constitution pipeline project in hiatus
By Nicholas Woodroof, World Pipelines
February 13 2018

» PennEast begins filing for eminent domain
Christina Tatu, The Morning Call
February 7, 2018

» Enbridge Dealt New Setback After Judge Pushes Back Decision on Line 3 Pipeline
by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
December 28, 2017

» West Virginia waives Clean Water Act certification of Atlantic Coast Pipeline
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
Dec. 8, 2017

» South Dakota Warns It Could Revoke Keystone Pipeline Permit Over Oil Spill
By Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News
November 22, 2017

» Keystone pipeline leak spills 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
CBS News
November 16, 2017

» Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
By Mayra Cuevas and Steve Almasy, CNN
November 16, 2017

» Kinder Morgan Inc. Gets the Green Light to Keep Growing
by Matthew DiLallo, Madison.com
October 4, 2017

» Judge gives Atlantic Sunrise pipeline builder immediate possession of last 5 holdout properties
by Ad Crable, Lancaster Online
August 24, 2017

» N.Y. Gas Project Abandoned in Victory for Seneca Lake Protesters
By Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News
May 12, 2017

» Dakota Access pipeline has first leak before it’s fully operational
by Sam Levin, the Guardian
May 10, 2017

» Senators Ask Army Corps for Documentation on Dakota Access Pipeline Environmental Reviews
by Yessenia Funes, Color Lines  
April 7, 2017

With Spectra (Enbridge) and Kinder Morgan delaying their expansion plans somewhat, PNGTS is picking up the slack, and is hoping to increase the deliveries of gas to the Dracut area and points north. Major expansion of PNGTS depends on additional gas supply on the Iroquois. Some of that, around 80 million cubic feet/day, is supposed to be here this winter, thanks to an expansion of an existing pipeline crossing western NH called the New Market II project. However PNGTS is taking a conservative approach and is assuming that they can only obtain a small portion of that capacity, and not until 2018. It is likely that the additional capacity on New Market II will go to Canada, where it may end up at a liquefaction facility in Montreal (Gaz Metro). The liquefaction of this pipeline gas is designed to allow LNG trucks to take the gas through Vermont into markets like Keene NH, where there is a possible demand for gas but no connection to the interstate pipeline network.

The 2018 route that PNGTS plans on is to pipe the gas across Quebec to an entry point to the USA at Pittsburgh, NH and then travelling on its existing pipeline to Porland ME via Berlin, NH where it links up with the massive Maritimes Northeast pipeline. Expansions on existing compressor stations will be needed to implement their full plan. They are now selling space on their pipelines in the following quantities:

2018, November: 20-40 million cubic feet per day
2019, November: 118 million cubic feet per day
2020, November: 90-120 million cubic feet per day

The name for the new PNGTS project is Portland Express. This replaces the previously announced Continent to Coast project which never really got much traction due to low customer demand and the delays in the Constitution pipeline, which would have provided that missing supply on Iroquois.

» Read More

» Nebraska Farmer Politely Schools Fox News Host On Dangers Of Keystone XL Pipeline “This type of fossil fuel should not be happening.”
By Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffington Post
April 24, 2017