Peaker Plant Reports & News



» The Peaker Problem: An Overview of Peaker Power Plant Facts and Impacts in Boston, Philadelphia, and Detroit
By Clean Energy Group with Strategen
July, 2022

» Peabody Peaker Plant Risk Assessment
Prepared by Applied Economics Clinic
March, 2022

» Addendum – Assessment of Potential Alternatives for Project 2015A in Peabody, Massachusetts
Prepared by Strategen Consulting
February, 2022

» Assessment of Potential Energy Storage Alternatives for Project 2015A in Peabody, Massachusetts
Prepared by Strategen Consulting
July, 2021

» The Fossil Fuel End Game
A Frontline Vision to Retire New York City’s Peaker Plants by 2030
A PEAK Coalition Report
March, 2021

» Dirty Energy, Big Money
How Private Companies Make Billions from Polluting Fossil Fuel Peaker Plants in New York City’s Environmental Justice Communities—and How to Create a Cleaner, More Just Alternative
A PEAK Coalition Report
May, 2020


» Outrage over plan for new dirty power plant in Peabody, MA.
By Ben Hillman, YouTube
December 22, 2021

» The Pittsfield peaker plant problem
By Ben Hillman, in Berkshire Edge
July 28, 2021


» Proposed Peabody ‘peaker’ plant needs full environmental and health impact reviews, North Shore residents say
By Miriam Wasser, WBUR
December 8, 2022

» Criticism grows on new Peabody peaker plant
By Caroline Enos, The Salem News
December 8, 2022

» Planned Peabody Peak Generator Public Hearing Set For Next Week
A public hearing on the generator’s Carbon Dioxide Budget Emissions Control Plan will be on Dec. 7 at the Torigian Senior Center.
By Scott Souza, Patch
November 30, 2022

» Peabody Peaker plant would harm already ‘overburdened’ communities, advocates say
By Dharna Noor, Boston Globe
November 4, 2022

» Biden-Harris Administration Announces More than $2.1 Million for Community Air Pollution Monitoring Projects in Massachusetts Communities
Largest investment for community air monitoring in EPA history funded by President Biden’s Climate and Economic Plans
By US Environmental Protection Agency
November 3, 2022

» Salem councilors call for stronger state review of Peabody plant
By Dustin Luca, The Salem News
October 27, 2022

» Research shows neighborhoods near new plant face high rates of health issues
By Caroline Enos, The Salem News
September 21, 2022

» “Do your job;” Protesters call on lawmakers to stop new Peabody peaker power plant
By Caroline Enos, Salem News
May 26, 2022

» ‘We’re not giving up:’ Protestors, neighbors rally near Peabody peaker plant site
By Hadley Barndollar, USA TODAY NETWORK, in Wicked Local
May 26, 2022

» What to know about a planned natural gas ‘peaker’ plant in Mass
By Miriam Wasser, WBUR
April 08, 2022

» NRG’s Proposed Astoria Power Plant Slammed as Company Attempts to Revive Plans
By Allie Griffin, Sunnyside Post
March 17, 2022

» As hunger strike continues, leaders push for review
By Dustin Luca, Salem News
March 22, 2022

» Activists mount hunger strike over planned natural gas plant
By EMILY THURLOW, Daily Hampshire Gazette
March 20, 2022

» Protestors plan hunger strike over Peabody power plant
By Paul Leighton, Salem News
March 11, 2022

» Peabody Generator Opponents Make Late Plea To Halt Project
Climate advocacy groups released data Thursday they hope will prompt the state to reopen the proposed generator’s approval process.
By Scott Souza, Patch
March 10, 2022

» Fasting for a Future
By Jerry Halberstadt, Clean Power Coalition, Article contributed by Climate Courage
March 6, 2022

» Activists urge Massachusetts to take another look at need for peaking plants
Campaigns in Boston and western Massachusetts are taking aim at existing and proposed peakers. Critics say the facilities are bad for the climate and public health, and that cleaner and more economical alternatives now exist.
By Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network
February 1, 2022

» Advocacy group brings Peabody gas plant issue to South Hadley health board
By DUSTY CHRISTENSEN, Daily Hampshire Gazette
January 29, 2022

» Proposed Peabody ‘peaker’ plant ‘misguided,’ Environmental League of Massachusetts president says
By Mackenzie Farkus, WGBH
December 9, 2021

» Clean-Energy Advocates Urge MassDEP to Deny Pittsfield Plant Permit
By Brittany Polito,
December 8, 2021

» ‘We can’t wait:’ Environmentalists and legislators want operating permit denied for Pittsfield ‘peaker’ power plant
By Matt Ristaino, Spectrum News
December 8, 2021

» Politicians and activists frustrated with DEP rules that allow business as usual for local ‘peaker’ plant
By Meg Britton-Mehlisch, The Berkshire Eagle
December 7, 2021

» Look Ahead, Pittsfield: What you should know about the local ‘peaker’ plant permit on the line this week
By Meg Britton-Mehlisch, The Berkshire Eagle
December 5, 2021

» Amid the push for a cleaner future, a proposed power plant threatens to escalate the war over the region’s power grid
By David Abel, Boston Globe
November 23, 2021

» Peabody Generator Opponents Petition State For Additional Reviews
North Shore elected officials joined advocacy groups in demanding an environmental and health study of the proposed ‘peaker’ plant.
By Scott Souza, Patch
November 17, 2021

» New York denies gas plant permits in first-ever decision citing climate law
By MARIE J. FRENCH, Politico
October 27, 2021

» Hochul Pulls Plug On Queens Gas-Fueled Electrical Power Plant Overhaul
By Samantha Maldonado, The City
October 27, 2021

» Fight over ‘peaker’ plants poses grid climate test
By Miranda Willson, E&E News
August 24, 2021

» Peabody power plant gets green light
Department of Public Utilities OKs bonds up to $170M
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
August 12, 2021

» Report: Battery storage could be viable alternative
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
July 29, 2021

» Peabody utility plans to shutdown older plant
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
July 21, 2021

» Push for Peabody ‘peaker’ plant to resume
With some changes, MMWEC set to move forward
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
July 19, 2021

» Some want to stop pollution from local power plants. How does that pollution impact health?
By Danny Jin, The Berkshire Eagle
July 17, 2021

» Danvers officials express concern over proposed natural gas power plant in Peabody
By Jennie Oemig, Wicked Local
July 13, 2021

» Peabody health officials ask governor to intervene
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
July 11, 2021

» Pittsfield Public Health Officials Sign On To “Peaker” Plant Petition
By Josh Landes, WAMC
July 8, 2021

» ‘Peaker’ power plant owner should discuss cleaner operation, Pittsfield health officials say
By Larry Parnass, The Berkshire Eagle
July 8, 2021

» Pittsfield Health Board Supports Peaker Plant’s Switch to Clean Energy
By Brittany Polito, iBerkshires
July 08, 2021

» Berkshire Environmental Group Pushing To “Put Peakers In The Past”
By Josh Landes, WAMC
July 7, 2021

» As Pittsfield power plant seeks permit renewal, environmental groups call for clean-energy transition
By Danny Jin, The Berkshire Eagle
July 1, 2021

» 142 Tesla Megapacks power on to create giant new battery, replacing gas peaker plant in California
By Fred Lambert, Electrek
June 30, 2021

» Letter: Few real answers on peaker plant
From Carol Hautau, Salem, in The Salem News
June 28, 2021

» Danvers left out of Peabody plant process
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
June 28, 2021

» Peabody commission hears concerns about planned power plant
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
June 25, 2021

» Opponents: Power plant changes a start
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
June 24, 2021

» Proposed Peabody Power Plant Defended, Challenged At Public Forum
While utility officials laid out the benefits and necessity of the project, many attendees demanded more input before a final decision
By Scott Souza, Patch
June 22, 2021

» No justification for proposed Peabody gas plant
Clean energy future doesn’t begin with a ‘dirty’ peaker
By Sarah Dooling, CommonWealth Magazine | Opinion
June 19, 2021
Sarah Dooling is executive director of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.

» Column: The Peabody peaker challenge
By Jerry Halberstadt, The Salem News
June 17, 2021

» Peabody Power Plant Opposition Delivers Petition Ahead Of Forum
Those opposed to the gas and oil plant say they hope the June 22 public forum is a genuine discussion of alternatives to the current plans.
By Scott Souza, Patch
June 11, 2021

» Proposed Peabody Power Plant Public Forum Set
The wholesale electric company behind the surge capacity plant project currently on pause will share information and solicit feedback.
By Scott Souza, Patch
June 10, 2021

» Peabody Power Plant Battle Heats Up As ‘Pause’ Nears 30 Days
Climate advocacy groups will request plans for the oil and gas plant to be altered or abandoned ahead of a decision on the project’s future.
By Scott Souza, Patch
June 8, 2021

» Could batteries replace a proposed peaker plant in Massachusetts?   
As a municipal power supplier pauses plans to build a natural gas peaker plant, advocates are urging its backers to consider battery storage instead, but questions remain about whether it’s practical for the site.
By Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network
June 2, 2021

» Proposed Peabody gas plant, now on hold, makes sense
‘Peakers’ make sense as backup for renewable energy
By Ronald C. DeCurzio, CommonWealth Magazine | Opinion
June 1, 2021
Ronald C. DeCurzio is chief executive officer of the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company. [NFGiM note: this editorial is biased toward Mr. DeCurzio’s favored outcome, and fails to consider or even mention creative ways to utilize on-site and off-site battery storage resources, energy conservation measures, and demand management programs to accomplish the necessary capacity reserves without fossil fuels. We post this on our website as a record of Mr. DeCurzio’s thoughts – not as a sober, science-based consideration of the merits of this project.]

» Peabody Power Plant Opponents Cheer Pause In Project
The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company says it will delay the project for 30 days to reassess and explore alternatives.
By Scott Souza, Patch
May 11, 2021

» Proposed Natural Gas Plant In Peabody On Hold, For Now
By Barbara Moran, WBUR
May 11, 2021

» Plans for Peabody power plant on hold
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
May 11, 2021

» Doctors cite health risks from new plant
87 physicians against natural power project in Peabody
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
May 11, 2021

» North Shore Officials, Peabody Light Spar Over Proposed Gas Plant
Officials cite resident safety and environmental concerns, while Peabody Light said the plant is needed to meet surge capacity requirements.
By Scott Souza, Patch
May 6, 2021

» Utility officials explain need for proposed Peabody plant
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
May 6, 2021

» Peabody power plant plans caught city off-guard
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
May 4, 2021

» Letter: Keep clean air a priority as Pittsfield ‘peaker plant’ is up for permit
By Susan Purser, Becket, in The Berkshire Eagle
May 4, 2021

» Residents, officials speak out against plant
By Erin Nolan, The Salem News
April 27, 2021

» Gas ‘peaker’ plant would make way for more renewables, Massachusetts utilities say
A proposed 55-megawatt natural gas power plant faces pushback over carbon emissions and other pollution, but backers say the affordable option for adding capacity will free up capital for clean energy investments.
By Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network
April 20, 2021

» The Promising Future Of Battery Storage On The U.S. Grid
Battery storage is becoming a more viable tool for meeting peaks in energy demand — and it could do it in a greener, healthier way than fossil plants.
By Evan Thomas and Cliff Judy, Denver Channel 7 (abc)
April 19, 2021

Column: Peak electricity demand — stoke it or shave it
By Carolyn Britt, Ipswich Local News | Opinion
April 16, 2021

» Battery storage 30% cheaper than new gas peaker plants, Australian study finds
By Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News
April 12, 2021

» Local Environmentalists Demand Cleaner Berkshires Power Plants
By Brittany Polito, iBerkshires
April 11, 2021

» ‘Peaker’ plants or dirty energy is a false choice
By Rosemary Wessel, Cummington, Letter to the Editor – Berkshire Eagle
April 2, 2021
The writer is a member of the Berkshire Environmental Action Team

» Hearing on re-powering Hudson Valley gas plant draws lots of speakers
Danskammer plant looking to eventually burn hydrogen fuel in Orange County facility
By Rick Karlin, Times Union
March 31, 2021

» BEAT’s ‘peaker’ campaign draws local support, statewide allies
By Danny Jin, The Berkshire Eagle
March 20, 2021

» When power most needed, ‘peaker’ polluters fire up in Berkshires. Should that continue?
By Danny Jin, The Berkshire Eagle
February 7, 2021

» NYPA to consider swapping gas peakers for batteries in novel deal with environmental justice groups
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
October 14, 2020

» Clean ‘transition’ for peaker plants: New York Power Authority, environmental justice groups team up
By Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News
October 14, 2020

» Massachussets policy to decarbonise grid at times of peak demand gets underway
By Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage News
August 5, 2020

» New program will promote clean-energy generation during peak periods
By Jon Chesto, Boston Globe
August 5, 2020

» Report: These rarely used, dirty power plants could be cheaply replaced by batteries
By Rachel Ramirez, Grist
June 11, 2020

» Green Mountain Power expands BYOD and Tesla battery programs as it targets fossil peakers
By Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
May 26, 2020

» The Drive to Replace Summer-Only ‘Peaker’ Power Plants
These power plants run during the hottest months, when energy is in demand. But they are expensive, and they pollute nearby low-income neighborhoods.
By Rachel Ramirez, Wired
May 19, 2020

» Massachusetts Set to Launch Clean Peak Standard, Opening New Chapter in Grid’s Evolution
First-in-the-nation policy will create a price signal to shift clean power to the hours it’s most valuable for the grid.
By Julian Spector, GreenTech Media
March 20, 2020

» New York City trades gas plant for the world’s largest battery
Regulators have approved Ravenwood Development to build a 316 MW / 2,528 MWh energy storage facility across the East River from Manhattan to replace two gas peaker plants in Queens.
By John Weaver, PV Magazine
October 18, 2019

» New York regulators assess potential for storage to replace peaking units in the state
By HJ Mai, Utlity Dive
July 3, 2019

» ‘Unlayering’ peak demand could accelerate energy storage adoption
A new approach to the peaker-storage debate could help energy storage better meet peak demand and lower emissions.
By Peter Maloney, Utility Dive
January 15, 2019

» Energy Efficiency Is Working in New England
By Acadia Center | Blog
April 24, 2018

» Energy Storage Will Soon Replace Simple Cycle Combustion Turbine Peaker Plants
By Chet Lyons
November 5, 2014