Resolution Opposing NED, North Adams

City of North Adams
In City Council

Resolution to Ban “Fracked Gas” Pipeline and to Support Sustainable Energy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

WHEREAS, a proposed High-Pressure Pipeline carrying natural gas obtained through hydraulic fracturing may come through The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, bringing said fuel en route from Richmond to Dracut, Massachusetts, to be used for electricity generation; and

WHEREAS, said pipeline goes against current Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ commitments to renewable energies and combating global climate change; and

WHEREAS, said pipeline would destroy significant swaths of forests, conservation land and farmland; and

WHEREAS, a high-pressure gas pipeline, by its nature, carries the potential for leaks, rupture and/or damaging explosions causing untold damage to lives, public health, public safety and to property; and

WHEREAS, the cost of said pipeline would require Massachusetts’ citizens to pay a utility bill tariff as well as environmental costs not required by law for Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (“TGP” a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.), making ratepayers bear financial risk for the endeavors of a private corporation; and

WHEREAS, We, the City Council on behalf of the residents of the City of North Adams, County of Berkshire, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, choose not to participate in such encumbrances to the life, vibrancy, economic stability, and general well-being of our neighbors in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in The State of New York and elsewhere, wherever hydraulic fracturing is occurring and the pressurized pipeline is running;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council on behalf of the residents of the City of North Adams, Massachusetts:

1.  Hereby call on our Mayor Richard J. Alcombright and members of our City Govenment to stand in opposition to TGP’s high-pressured pipeline and not allow it within The Commonwealth of Massachusetts;

2.  Oppose said pipeline, and/or any new pipeline, carrying natural gas obtained through hydraulic fracturing within the borders of our Commonwealth or The United States; and

3.  Hereby request our State and Federal Legislators and our Executive Branch Officials to enact legislation, and take such other and further actions, as is necessary to disallow such projects that go against our commitments to life, the environment, our economic well-being and our personal health and safety; and, instead, to legislate more stringent energy efficiency and further exploration of, and subsidies for, renewable energy sources; and also

BE IT RESOLVED that the following individuals receive an Official

Copy of This RESOLUTION:

President Barack Obama

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren

United States Senator Edward Markey

United States Representative Richard Neal

Governor Deval L. Patrick

State Senator Benjamin B. Downing

State Representative Gailanne M. Cariddi