Senate Parade TwitterStorm – July 20, 2017


•  Organized by Delaware Riverkeeper, protesters will be parading in the halls of the Senate from on July 20th, 10 to 3, carrying signs of protest against FERC, pipelines, and the tremendous abuse of process. They will be urging, through signs, for the Senate to keep FERC in legal limbo until hearings are held and reforms put in place.
•  The goal is to be seen throughout the day by everyone walking the halls, be they legislators, staffers, or members of the public.
•  They will be singing a quiet song of protest and handing out flyers to help bring attention to their message regarding FERC abuse and the need for reform.

We are in the 11th hour – many communities are being saved from the cut of a pipeline by the lack of a FERC quorum. Let’s keep up the pressure and tell the Senate, not to vote on FERC nominees, not until they have held hearings and put in place needed reform.

» Energy CEOs threaten to pull investments if FERC isn’t functional soon
by Carl Surran, Seeking Alpha, July 10, 2017
In the article found at the link above, energy CEOs have announced that if FERC is not functional by the Congressional August break (Monday July 31st) they will pull the plug on multiple pipelines. Let’s help them!

— This page is set up to allow people who can’t make it to DC
to support this action with a TwitterStorm

If you’d like to join the Senate Parade in DC, you can march with them for the day or just an hour or few. Sign up here to let them know you’re coming and get in touch for details.

» See the Facebook Event Page


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.00.11 PM Level 1: Quick ‘n fast ReTweet
If you only have a few spare moments throughout the day, just look for #fercabuses, then click on the second tab, “Latest” so you see the most tweets available for RTing, and then run down the page RTing as many as you can.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.00.11 PM Level 2: Quick ‘n fast ReTweet with comment
If you have a few more moments, look for #fercabuses and retweet, tagging “@” your own Senators in your own Tweet comment, and add a press contact or two (listed below), so they know the press is seeing this as well.

Press – (Short list, feel free to grab others on Twitter)
@nytimes — New York Times
@washingtonpost — Washington Post
@HuffPost — Huffington Post
@democracynow — Democracy Now
@NPR – National Public Radio


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.00.11 PM Level 3 : Copy and Paste from this handy TweetSheet

— Members of the Senate panel (on the TweetSheet)
— The Democratic and Republican Energy Committee members
     (on the TweetSheet as @EnergyDems & @EnergyGOP)
— Your own Senators (search their names on Twitter)

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.00.11 PM Level 4: Compose your own Tweets
See the TweetSheet for messages, customize as you wish, add your own thoughts


Use #fercabuses to unite your Tweets with others in this action

Twitter Tips
– Make sure to “Follow” the Senators’ accounts you’re Tweeting to
– Using a period before an “@” address makes sure all of your followers see it, not just the “@recipient” you’ve sent it to. ( i.e. ” .@recipient ” )

logo.pngThank you Delaware Riverkeeper for organizing this action and keeping the pressure on FERC! We highly recommend becoming an e-Activist and participating in their actions year round.


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