Support the Mass Next Generation Climate Bill (S.9)

The long saga of the Massachusetts Next Generation Roadmap for Climate Policy bill continues! This bill contained just about every provision environmental groups have been advocating for for the last couple of years: strong benchmarks in emissions reductions across multiple sectors, environmental justice provisions, language allowing for a net zero stretch code and many more.

The bill came out of committee and to Governor Baker’s desk very late, in the last days of last legislative session. Baker then let it sit and expire in a “pocket veto” citing concerns from some of his strongest lobbyists. (Brown University’s recent study on lobbyists’ power over Beacon Hill.)

As soon as the new legislative session started, the bill was refiled as-is and was passed back to Gov. Baker, who has now suggested amendments that would weaken it.

From Mass. Sierra Club:
On February 7, 2020, Governor Baker returned S.9 – An Act Creating a Next-generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy to the General Court with suggested amendments (these amendments are also outlined on the Action Guide linked below).


Sierra Club has come up with a great action guide to help protect the bill. Most of all, we need to tell our legislators to reject any amendments that weaken the bill.

Specifically, we want to preserve the original language in S.9 around:
• The 2030 and 2040 emissions targets
• The sector emissions sublimits
• The net zero stretch building code

» Mass Sierra Club action guide