Take A Pass on Gas!

Steps you can take to fight fracking.

Fracking now the most common way of extracting oil and natural gas. Here’s how to cut back and fight fracking!

Get Efficient!
Mass Save provides energy efficiency upgrades state-wide. Get a FREE Home Energy Assessment and qualify for some great deals (many of them free) on getting your home as energy efficient as possible.

If you’re a Berkshire Gas customer, call the Center for Eco Technology – 413-241-0418

If you’re not on gas, call MassSave directly – 866-527-SAVE
It may take time to get an appointment, but you’ll save money AND energy while helping save the planet!

Go Solar!
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is running a program called Solar Access to switch lower and middle income homes over to high efficiency heat pumps and the solar to run them. Call the Center for Eco Technology to find out if you qualify – 413-241-0418

Even if you don’t qualify for the program, there are LOTS of options for going solar. Some Western Mass local, independently owned companies that let you own your own panels are BPVS, Alpine Solar, SunBug Solar. Check Google for more in your area and make sure to ask about panel ownership and terms.

Go Electric! — In Your Home
High efficiency heat pumps are extremely efficient, electric powered heat exchangers that can heat and cool your home. The newest models work at temperatures down to – 15°F. Talk to your local heating/cooling specialist and see what they can do in your home.

Go Electric! – On the Streets
Studies are showing that even if the electricity you use to charge is from fossil fuels, the amount of carbon used per mile driven is STILL lower than an average gas-powered car. As the grid rapidly goes greener with solar and wind coming online, your ride get cleaner.
Check with Mass Green Energy Consumer Alliance for electric vehicle incentives. greenenergyconsumers.org

Avoid Plastics!
As the price of renewable energy drops like a stone, the fracking industry is feeling the pinch and looking to plastics as their next big market. When shopping, take a pass on products encased in plastic packaging. Buy from bulk bins and unwrapped produce. Stop using plastic shopping and produce bags!
Check out these Western Mass organizations for ideas on going plastics-free:
Berkshire Zero Waste Initiative
The BagShare Project – Pittsfield Chapter
The BagShare (Headquarters)

Raise a Ruckus!
Join any one – or ALL – of these groups fighting to change our energy systems and environmental policies for the better!

Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS)
 See how you can help stop the Enbridge Compressor Station in Weymouth
(Massachusetts clean energy  and environmental legislation)
NoFrackedGasInMass.com (Massachusetts and beyond – you’re already here 🙂 )
PipeLine Awareness Network for the Northeast (PLAN-NE)

New Hampshire Pipeline Awareness Network

Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment (capital region, NY)
SaneEnergy.org (NY Metro area and beyond)

Beyond Extreme Energy (Taking on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
Extinction Rebellion (US Main Page)
Extinction Rebellion, Mass
Extinction Rebellion, Western Mass
(Search for others across the country on the US Main page)