TGP 261 Upgrades Docket Filings



FERC Docket #CP19-7, MEPA Docket #EEA 15879

Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity,
401 Water Quality Permit,
issued October 9, 2019
Air Quality Permit for existing station – Being updated and resubmitted for the 261 Upgrade Project.

EENF filed with MEPA, comment period deadline was Aug. 10, 2018

File as Intervenor at FERC – Deadline was November 23, 2018
Notice of Application
» Step by Step Instructions on filing as an intervenor

» Wetlands Notice of Intent Project Information – March 20, 2019


EEA #15879

» Abbreviated Expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF), 6 pages.
Filed with the MEPA Office (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) at the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.  It cites intent to construct pipeline loops and compressor station upgrades in Agawam, MA.

» Expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF)June 26, 2018, 315 pages.
Filed with the MEPA Office (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) at the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

» Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on the Expanded Environmental Notification Form – August 17, 2018, 52 pages
This certificate diverged from TGP’s scope and asks of their initial filing by including the Longmeadow meter station and NOT granting TGP’s request to skip a draft a Draft EIR and instead file a Single EIR (pages 5 & 6)

» Draft Environmental Impact ReportDecember 14, 2018

» Final Environmental Impact ReportMay 2019


» Environmental Assessment, 111 pgs., filed May 17, 2019

Application for Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity – October 19, 2018

Transmittal Letter
Abbreviated Application, 2 pages
Abbreviated Application
Gas Transportation Agreement

Resource Report 1 – General Project Description
Resource Report 2 – Water Use and Quality
Resource Report 3 – Fish, Wildlife & Vegetation
Resource Report 4 – Cultural Resources
Resource Report 5 – Socioeconomics
Resource Report 6 – Geological Resources
Resource Report 7 – Soils
Resource Report 8 – Land Use, Recreation and Aesthetics
Resource Report 9 – Air and Noise Quality
Resource Report 10 – Alternatives
Resource Report 11 – Reliability and Safety
Resource Report 12 – PCB Contamination
Resource Report 13 – Engineering and Design Materials

Exhibit C -Executive List
Exhibit D-Subsidiaries & Affiliates
Exhibit J-Required Federal Authorizations
Exhibit K-Estimated Cost Of Facilities
Exhibit N-Rate Base & Of Service
Exhibit O-Depreciation & Depletion
Exhibit P-Firm Transportation Rates
Exhibit Y-Summery Of Journal Entries Agawam, MA
Exhibit Z-1-Auxiliary & Appurtenant Facilities
Exhibit Z-2-U.S.A  F.E.R.C. Protective Agreement
Exhibit Z-3-Reservation Of Capacity N.E. Expansion Project
Exhibit Z-4-Fuel Study

Appdx 1A – Oversize Drawings – Public
Appdx 1B – Figures
Appdx 1D – Environmental Construction Management Plan
Appdx 1E – Typical Construction Drawings
Appdx 1F – Agency Communication
— Appdx 1H – Regulatory Agencies and Government Stakeholders
Appdx 2A – Wetland Delineation Report
Appdx 2A.2 – Wetland Delineation for CT Expansion – CT
Appdx 2A.2 – Wetland Delineation for CT Expansion – MA
Appdx 2B – Summary Of EDR Report
Appdx 3A – Tables
Appdx 4A – Agency and Tribal Correspondence – Public
Appdx 4C – Historic Architecture Reconnaissance Survey
Appdx 4D – Unanticipated Discoveries Plan
Appdx 7A – Figures
Appdx 8A – Residential Construction Drawings
Appdx 9A – Operational and Construction Air Emissions
Appdx 9B – Air Permit Application
Appdx 9C – Air Modeling Report
Appdx 9D – Ambient and Pre-Construction Noise
Appdx 10A – Figures
Appdx 10B – Massachusetts DPU Order

Hydraulic Flow Model Transmittal Letter October 29, 2018
Cover letter only, actual documents are privileged information

Notice of ApplicationNovember 2, 2018
Instructions on filing as an intervenor, commenting without intervening and submitting comments on the Environmental Assessment.
» Step by Step Instructions on filing as an intervenor
» Motion to Intervene by PLAN-NE
» Motion to Intervene by BEAT and No Fracked Gas in Mass

Any questions regarding the proposed project should be directed to:
Ben J. Carranza, Director, Regulatory
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC
1001 Louisiana Street, Suite 1000
Houston, Texas, 77002
phone (713) 420-5535
fax (713) 420-1605


*Anyone can search FERC docket files. Go to the eLibrary, plug in an early search date in the “From” box (just changing 2019 to 2018 will get everything), and enter “CP19-7” into the “Docket Number” box. It will bring up everything regarding this application.

FERC Docket #CP19-7
PLAN-NE, Scoping comments, Dec. 27, 2018
Massachusetts Attorney General Final Scoping Comments, Jan 4, 2019
BEAT / No Fracked Gas in Mass Scoping Comments, Jan. 7, 2019
BEAT / No Fracked Gas in Mass DIER Comments, Feb. 8, 2019
BEAT / No Fracked Gas in Mass Supplemental DIER Comments, (includes FLIR video evidence of current emissions from Agawam Compressor Station), Feb. 8, 2019
Comment of Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board, Apr. 24, 2019
Comments received by the Energy Facilities Siting Board, Apr. 24, 2019
PLAN-NE, Supplemental Information re: Holyoke Mayor’s Opposition to Pipeline Expansion, Apr. 29, 2019
City of Holyoke Motion to Intervene, May 3, 2019

Initial EA Comments from PLAN-NE, June 10, 2019
Second EA Comments from PLAN-NE, June 12, 2019
F&WW/BEAT/No Fracked Gas in Mass Notice of Changed Conditions, Feb. 27, 2019
PLAN-NE Objection to NTP, Notice of Sale of Sole Shipper, Feb. 27, 2019

BEAT / No Fracked Gas in Mass, Comments on EENF, Aug. 10, 2018
PLAN-NE, Comments on EENF, Aug. 10, 2018


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