The Plastics/Fracking Connection

» A surge of new plastic production is on the way
By Beth Gardiner, Yale Environment 360 via GreenBiz
January 17, 2020

» Pennsylvania Communities Grow Wary of Worsening Air Pollution as Petrochemical Industry Arrives
By Julie Dermansky, DeSmog Blog
November 27, 2019

» With Coal’s Decline, Pennsylvania Communities Watch the Rise of Natural Gas-fueled Plastics
By Julie Dermansky, DeSmog Blog
November 22, 2019

» Boom Goes the Plastics Industry
With demand for oil expected to slow, oil companies seek a lifeline in plastics
By Antonia Juhasz, Sierra Magazine / Sierra Club
June 30, 2019

» The hidden relationship between the plastics industry and fracking in the US
“We need to cut emissions by 45 percent by 2030. Plastics are poised to do almost exactly the opposite.”
Sarah Sax, GreenBiz
Friday, May 24, 2019

» New Warnings on Plastic’s Health Risks as Fracking Industry Promotes New ‘Plastics Belt’ Build-Out
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
March 5, 2019

» Secretary Perry Announces Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub Report
By U.S. Department Of Energy,
December 10, 2018

» Why Plans to Turn America’s Rust Belt into a New Plastics Belt Are Bad News for the Climate
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
October 28, 2018

» A Field Guide to the Petrochemical and Plastics Industry
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
October 28, 2018

» Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Plastics Are Predicted to Rise
By Kendra Pierre-Louis, New York Times
October 4, 2018

» Pipeline that exploded in Pennsylvania part of push to build fracking-reliant petrochemical network
The 24” diameter pipeline responsible for the blast had gone into service just seven days earlier.
Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
September 14, 2018

» Did Plans to Export US Ethane Help Fund Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina?
Sharon Kelly, DeSmog Blog
July 30, 2018

» As Industry Pushes Billion-Dollar Fracked Petrochemical Projects, State Regulators Struggle To Keep Up
By Sharon Kelly, DeSmog
July 1, 2018

» $83 Billion West Virginia Petrochemical Deal with China on Skids Due to Trade War, Corruption Probe
By Steve Horn, DeSmog Blog
June 25, 2018

» Plastics, Pipelines, Fracking & Our Planet Webinar
By Food & Water Action
Recorded June 20, 2018

» Oil Pipeline CEO Tells Federal Energy Conference: ‘It’s a Great Time to Be in the Business’
By Justin Mikulka, DeSmog Blog
June 13, 2018
“The U.S. is not only exporting oil and natural gas as fuel but also as feedstock for the growing global petrochemical industry, which includes the plastics industry. While the world is coming to terms with the issue of plastic pollution, the energy industry sees plastics as a huge growth opportunity. Oil and natural gas don’t have to be burned; they also can be made into plastic.”

» Dustin White: Petrochemical complex not good for WV (Gazette)
By Dustin White (Opinion), Charlston Gazette-Mail
June 8, 2018

» We Are Drowning In Plastic, and Fracking Companies Are Profiting
By Wenonah Hauter, EcoWatch
February 15, 2018