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» RESPECT – Reforming Energy System Planning for Equity and Climate Transformation
By The Acadia Center
November 1, 2021
» View the webinar on Acadia Center’s RESPECT proposal here.
» Download report here.   

» Municipal Light Plant Report Card
This is the webpage for the Municipal Light Plant Report Card created by MCAN.

Electric Utilities News

» Sen. Edwards’ Testimony on Eversource Substation Appeal
By East Boston Times – Free Press
May 25, 2022

» Get Ready for Another Energy Price Spike: High Electric Bills
Rates have jumped because of a surge in natural gas prices and could keep rising rapidly for years as utilities invest in electric grids.
By Ivan Penn, New York Times
May 3, 2022

» They spent $24,000 on solar panels. Then Eversource took four months to turn them on.
By Sean P. Murphy, Boston Globe
March 31, 2022

» Investor-owned utilities underestimate potential costs of carbon, climate change, Deloitte finds
By Emma Penrod, Utility Dive
February 24, 2022

» How a Powerful Company Convinced Georgia to Let It Bury Toxic Waste in Groundwater
Documents reveal Georgia Power went to great lengths to advocate for risky waste storage. After a ProPublica investigation exposed this practice, the EPA is trying to block the move.
By Max Blau, ProPublica
January 18, 2020

» Unused and useless: States must act to end flawed natural gas power plant buildouts
By Grant Smith, Utility Dive | Guest Opinion
January 11, 2022
Grant Smith is senior energy policy advisor at Environmental Working Group (EWG)

» ‘Anecdotal evidence’ points to price gouging during winter storm Uri, NERC official says
Robert Walton, Utility Dive
December 22, 2021

» Springfield City Council, Eversource expand dispute over unpaid utility taxes
Eversource is currently prepping to apply for a pipeline / meter station permit for Longmeadow & Springfield with the EFSB
By Peter Goonan, MassLive
October 8, 2021

» Utilities Would Like to Speak to the Manager About Your Tweets
Some of the most powerful energy companies in the U.S. have responded to mildly critical tweets by calling employers and asking users for edits.
By Molly Taft, Gizmodo
September 15, 2021

» ‘A total mindshift’: Utilities replace gas peakers, ‘old school’ demand response with flexible DERs
Utility-customer cooperation can balance renewables’ variability with flexibility without using “blunt” demand response or natural gas.
By Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
March 8, 2021

» New England states call for changes to wholesale markets, transmission planning and grid governance
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
October 19, 2020

» N.E. governors seek bigger say in power policies
Seek greater role in oversight of grid operator
By Bruce Mohl, CommonWealth Magazine
October 16, 2020

» In Maine, pandemic hasn’t stopped push for a publicly owned electric grid
While lawmakers disagree on the likely costs and benefits, one proponent says COVID-19 has made the case for a state-owned utility even stronger.
By Tom Perkins, Energy News Network   
August 20, 2020

» The Ohio Utility Scandal, Explained
By Amy Westervelt, Drilled News
August 5, 2020

» As Fossil Fuel Pipelines Fall to Opposition, Utilities See Renewable Energy as Safe Bet
Atlantic Coast and Dakota Access pipeline woes underscore trends pushing utilities toward clean power as a less risky business.
By Jeff St. John, GreenTech Media
July 6, 2020

» Maine utility critics plot public takeover of the state’s electric grid
Creating a publicly owned distribution utility could boost reliability and renewables, supporters of the proposal argue.
By Tom Perkins, Energy News Network
Photo by Jim Bowen, Flickr / Creative Commons
May 13, 2020

» Eversource Slams the Virtual Door
By D. Maurice Kreis, NH Consumer Advocate, InDepthNH.org
April 17, 2020

» BlackRock, Morgan Stanley to utilities: Tackle climate-related risks or lose market value
Analyst research shows utilities that address climate-related physical and transition risks earn higher valuations from investors.
By Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
April 6, 2020

» Can Public Ownership Of Utilities Be Part Of The Climate Solution?
By Mark Paul and Johanna Bozuwa, Forbes
September 13, 2019

» Rocky Mountain Power prepares to operate largest US residential battery demand response project
Sonnen and the utility are partnering to build a virtual power plant at the new 600-unit apartment complex, with 12.6 MWh of energy capacity from a 5.2 MW solar array.
Robert Walton, Utility Dive
August 27, 2019

» Renewables’ variability sends wary utilities from traditional DR to DER and load flexibility
New technologies can expand utilities’ once-limited options, allowing control of load with customer-sited resources to balance variable generation, but utilities say they need incentives.
By Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
August 14, 2019

» Rural co-op transition to renewables impeded by coal financing obligations, NGOs find
By Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive
July 8, 2019

» Diversifying the Northeast power mix: Is offshore wind + storage key to the region’s reliability?
As more New England states roll out offshore wind mandates, bringing the technology to scale is a portfolio priority.
By Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
July 2, 2019

» Senate passes cybersecurity bill to decrease grid digitization, move toward manual control
By Robert Walton, Utility Dive
July 1, 2019

» Here Comes the World’s Biggest Virtual Power Plant — And it’s Behind the Meter
By Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge
June 20, 2019

» Utilities are ‘the new cyber battlefield,’ as US ramps up pressure on Russia’s electric grid
Robert Walton, Utility Dive
June 18, 2019

» U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid
By David E. Sanger and Nicole Perlroth, New York Times
June 15, 2019

» The rise of EVs could overwhelm the grid, but PG&E has a better plan
A new framework gives utilities a way to identify and seize electrification value with managed charging
Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
June 13, 2019

» Eversource Takes Local Energy Concept to New Level with New Hampshire Microgrid Plan
By Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge
May 24, 2019

» DPU gives $168m offshore wind bonus to utilities: Healey spokeswoman says decision ‘sets a dangerous precedent’
By Bruce Mohl, Commonwealth Magazine                           
April 16, 2019

» As 100% renewables goals proliferate, what role for utilities?
The momentum behind demand for renewables is growing; utilities lose if they ignore it and there is much to gain in planning ahead.
By Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
April 2, 2019